Who played the little boy in The Rifleman?

Who played the little boy in The Rifleman?

Johnny Crawford
Johnny Crawford, the soulful young actor who became a child star on the western “The Rifleman” in the late 1950s and had some success as a pop singer, died on April 29 in Los Angeles. He was 75.

Who played Luke McCain?

Actor Chuck Connors, the fast-shooting Lucas McCain on the long-running television series “The Rifleman,” died Tuesday of lung cancer. He was 71.

What happened to Robert Crawford Jr?

He was 95. Crawford died July 28 from complications of pneumonia in Woodland Hills after a five-year stay at the Motion Picture & Television Fund retirement home, his daughter, Nance Crawford, told The Hollywood Reporter.

What happened rifleman’s wife?

Lucas McCain’s wife Margaret died of smallpox. Afterwards, he and Mark moved from Enid, Oklahoma to New Mexico.

Who guest starred the most on The Rifleman?

John Anderson
John Anderson holds the record for the most appearances as a unique character with eleven appearances, usually as a heavy.

Who guest starred the most on the Rifleman?

Does Johnny Crawford have a brother?

Robert L. Crawford Jr.
Johnny Crawford/Brothers

Where was the rifleman filmed?

The Rifleman was filmed in Los Angeles & Tucson in the United States of America.

Who played Lucas McCain?

The Rifleman series began its TV run in 1958 with Chuck Connors playing the part of Lucas McCain. Lucas was a struggling homesteader who was raising his young son Mark alone.

Is Chuck Connors still living?

Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors was born on April 10, 1921, and died on November 10, 1992. Although Chuck Connors is gone, he still lives on as Lucas McCain The Rifleman. Chuck Connors, the man, the star, the former major league athlete possessed enormous presence.

How did Johnny Crawford died?

Crawford died, at the age of ninety, from a stroke.

When did Johnny Crawford pass away?

John Robert “Johnny” Crawford, 70, husband of Carolyn S. Curry passed away Friday, January 4, 2019 in the Shenandoah House in Fishersville .