Who played the Genie in Charmed Season 2?

Who played the Genie in Charmed Season 2?

Actor information French Stewart (February 20, 1964) is an American actor, best known for his role as Harry Solomon in the sitcom Third Rock from the Sun. He portrayed a Genie in the Season 2 episode “Be Careful What You Witch For”.

Who played the female genie in Charmed?

Saba Homayoon
Jinny (Saba Homayoon) is the main villainess from Charmed episode 6.15, “I Dream of Phoebe” (airdate February 15, 2004).

How many times did Phoebe Halliwell die?

During the run of the series and her life as a Charmed One, Phoebe died 9 times.

What episode is Phoebe queen of the underworld?

Long Live the Queen
“Charmed” Long Live the Queen (TV Episode 2002) – IMDb.

How many episodes are there in Charmed Season 2?

Charmed – Season 2/Number of episodes

How many episodes are in the new Charmed Season 2?


Season Episodes
1 22
2 19
3 18

How old is Phoebe when charmed started?

The youngest of the original Charmed Ones trio, Phoebe’s birth date according to the family tree parchment is November 2, 1975. That means Phoebe was only 22-years-old when Charmed premiered in 1998. When the show ended in 2006, Phoebe was 30.

Are the old Charmed sisters related to the new ones?

In the new ‘Charmed,’ the Vera girls are multiracial and half-sisters. But a big difference is that this time, the sisters are multiracial and they’re also half-sisters. You can catch new episodes of Charmed every Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Is there a Charmed movie coming out in 2021?


What episode of Charmed does Phoebe turn evil?

Bride and Gloom
Bride and Gloom. Phoebe and Piper are lured to the dark side and relish their new evil powers when a shapeshifting warlock tricks Prue into a shot-gun wedding in an effort to steal the Book of Shadows.

Who played off to see the wizard charmed?

Cast (14)

  • Alyssa Milano. Phoebe Halliwell. Rose McGowan.
  • Holly Marie Combs. Piper Halliwell. Brian Krause.
  • Julian McMahon. Cole Turner. Armin Shimerman.
  • Michael Des Barres. Dark Priest. Deborah Kellner.
  • Debbi Morgan. The Seer. Dayo Ade.
  • Jeff Henry. New Bodyguard. Ozman Sirgood.
  • Marcus Chavez. Bodyguard / Dark Priest (uncredited)

Is Mel from Charmed pregnant in real life?

Personal life Diaz is married to actor Octavio Genera, having eloped during the COVID-19 pandemic. She announced her pregnancy with their child in March of 2021.

When did Phoebe turn into a Genie on Charmed?

Phoebe turns into a Genie. I Dream of Phoebe is the 15th episode of the sixth season and the 126th overall episode of Charmed . For a complete plot of I Dream of Phoebe, go here.

How did wishing the Genie free turn Jinny into a Genie?

Wishing the genie free would replace the genie with the one who wished her free, turning the wisher into a genie. It also turns out that Jinny was actually a vicious demon; she had been cursed into being a genie and trapped in the lamp by a sorcerer she refused to marry.

What happens at the end of a Genie story?

A common ending to genie stories. This is what happens when a foolish master wishes for something sufficiently vague along the lines of “make me super-powerful” or “make me immortal”. The genie responds by turning the wisher into a genie – with all the burdensome restrictions of having to obey whatever stupid person finds the lamp.

What happens to the Genie in the bottle?

In a previous comic story, an evil man finds a genie in a bottle and releases him. Switching places, the genie-turned-human orders the evil man turned into a genie, trapping him seeming for all time. The once-genie vows to lead a good life, unlike his former master trapped in the bottle.