Who played soraya montenegro?

Who played soraya montenegro?

Soraya Montenegro is a fictional character in the Mexican telenovela María la del Barrio….

Soraya Montenegro
Portrayed by Itatí Cantoral (1995 version) Paw Diaz (2011 version)
Duration 1994–1996
Created by Valentín Pimstein

Who is Itati Cantoral husband?

Carlos Alberto Cruzm. 2008–2017
Eduardo Santamarinam. 1999–2004
Itatí Cantoral/Husband

Where is Itati Cantoral from?

Mexico City, Mexico
Itatí Cantoral/Place of birth

How old is Talia?

50 years (August 26, 1971)

What is the real name of Maria la del Barrio?

Thalía María Hernández Rojas

Actor Character
Thalía María Hernández Rojas De de la Vega “María la del barrio”
Fernando Colunga Luis Fernando de la Vega Montenegro
Irán Eory Victoria Montenegro de la Vega
Ricardo Blume Don Fernando De la Vega

How tall is Itati?

5′ 3″
Itatí Cantoral/Height

How old is Eduardo Santamarina?

53 years (July 9, 1968)
Eduardo Santamarina/Age

Is Itati Cantoral married?

Itatí Cantoral/Spouse

Does Talia Jackson have a child?

Talia Jackson Wiki

Talia Jackson Wiki & Biography
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Single
Husband/ Spouse Will update
Son Will update

Is Talia Jackson a twin?

Talia is also a singer and will release her first single “I’m not Jealous” in July 2019. Talia’s brother is actor Armani Jackson from Netflix’s Little Boxes and TBS CHAD. They often attend red carpets and events together and people think they are twins, but they are 2 years and 2 months apart with Talia being older.

What happened to Penelope in Maria la del Barrio?

Simultaneously, Lupe hires Penélope, her goddaughter, to take care of Tita. Penélope, however, is sly and deceitful. She falls in love with Luis Fernando and they become lovers. María eventually discovers the truth and fires Penélope and files for a divorce from Luis Fernando.

What is the ending of Maria la del Barrio?

Babies Ever After: In the final moments of the series, Maria reveals to Luis Fernando that she’s pregnant with another child. The Baby Trap: Luis Fernando thought that Maria was pulling one with him, that their son was actually Vladimir’s son. Eventually, he accepts the truth.

Who is Itati Cantoral and what country is she from?

Itatí Guadalupe Cantoral Zucchi (born May 13, 1975) is a Mexican actress, singer, dancer, and producer, She is of Spanish and Italian descent.

When was Itati Cantoral awarded mr.amigo?

Itatí is the second member of the Cantoral family to be awarded Mr. Amigo after her father, Roberto Cantoral, was awarded in 1981. Her maldita lisiada scene in María la del Barrio has become an internet meme .

When did Itati Cantoral and Antonio Santamarina get married?

Cantoral and Santamarina dated for about two years. They had a civil wedding on September 18, 1999, and four months later they got married in church on January 22, 2000; a couple of days before the wedding they announced that she was pregnant with twins. She gave birth to their twin boys Eduardo & Roberto Miguel on August 3, 2000.

Where was Itati Zucchi and Roberto Cantoral born?

Cantoral was born in Mexico City, D.F., Mexico. She is the daughter of Mexican composer and songwriter, Roberto Cantoral, and Argentine actress of Italian descent, Itatí Zucchi.