Who is the dog in Judge John Deed?

Who is the dog in Judge John Deed?

She also has a profound sense of humour.” Mimi, who is cast in the role of the judge’s near constant companion, is a sweet, small dog of indeterminate parentage with no previous acting experience and no theatrical training.

Why did they stop making Judge John Deed?

In April 2009, Shaw told BBC Breakfast that the series had been officially cancelled by the BBC because of financial cutbacks across the corporation. The six years the series was broadcast makes it the longest-running BBC legal drama.

What happened in the last episode of Judge John Deed?

January 18, 2007
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Does Jo Mills marry Marc?

Deed must rule on the case. Jo tells Deed that she is to marry Marc. She’s annoyed when Deed’s subsequent treatment of a client seems to be more affected by his feelings about her than the merits of the case.

Who played Judge John Deeds ex wife?

A less hostile presence is Georgina Channing (Caroline Langrishe), Deed’s ex-wife. Another lawyer, she’s outwardly ambitious and cold-hearted but, underneath, she’s still fond of Deed.

What age is Jenny Seagrove?

64 years (July 4, 1957)
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Who is Martin Shaw’s wife?

Mary Mandsfieldm. 1985–1992
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Where is John Deed filmed?

Judge John Deed was filmed in London in the United Kingdom.

How many episodes of Judge John Deed are there?

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Who is Jenny Seagrove partner?

Bill Kenwright (1994–)
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Is Bill Kenwright married to Jenny Seagrove?

Once you start thinking like that it does change your attitude.” But she has discovered more happiness with producer Bill Kenwright, 71, who is also chairman of Everton football club. They have been together since 1994.

What happened to Martin Shaw’s cheek?

The scar on Martin’s right cheek was the result of a vicious attack by muggers. His cheekbone had to be replaced by a plastic plate. He gave up alcohol after this attack and is also a strict vegetarian and a non-smoker.

What kind of dog is Mimi in Judge John Deed?

THE JUDGE’S DOG. Mimi, the dog in Judge John Deed, was rescued in Spain where there are many dogs similar to her. She’s what they call a ‘pinche ratonero’ or ratting terrier.

Who is the judge in Judge John Deed?

Judge John Deed is a British legal drama television series produced by the BBC in association with One-Eyed Dog for BBC One. It was created by G.F. Newman and stars Martin Shaw as Mr Justice Deed, a High Court judge who tries to seek real justice in the cases before him.

Who is the actor who plays Sir John Deed?

Sir John Deed (played by Martin Shaw) is a recently appointed High Court judge who actively seeks justice in the cases before him, while at the same time trying to rekindle an old romance with former pupil Jo Mills QC (played by Jenny Seagrove ), who regularly appears in his court.

When did Martin Shaw play Judge John Deed?

Martin Shawreprises his ever popular and critically acclaimed role of John Deed, the judge who is not afraid to question the establishment, in a new series broadcast in January and February 2006.