Who is Garrus Vakarian father?

Who is Garrus Vakarian father?

Castis Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian
Race Turian
Family Castis Vakarian (father) Solana Vakarian (sister)
Home Palaven
Class C-Sec Agent (Mass Effect) Rebel

Can Garrus and Shepard have a child?

There is no way they could have a baby. they’re physiology is too different. Turians can’t eat human food just like Quarians. Also most likely the amount of chromosomes would not match rendering the fertilized egg, dead on arrival.

Is Shepard older than Garrus?

Garrus Vakarian is 2-4 years younger than Shepard, making him anywhere from 25 to 27. Turians, like quarians, have a lifespan comparable to that of humans. Tali’Zorah nar Rayya is 22 in Mass Effect 1, born in 2161.

Is Garrus an archangel?

Garrus assumes the moniker of “Archangel” and spreads the word of what he’s doing by going after thugs personally. Before long, Garrus’ squad expands to twelve members, including himself, Sidonis, a salarian explosives expert, a batarian tech expert, and various former mercs, security consultants, and C-Sec agents.

Does Shepard Love Garrus?

“When we think about Mass Effect, loyalty is everything amongst the crew but the bond between Shepard and Garrus is on another level. When you romance him, of course Shepard and Garrus are lovers, but they’re more than that. They’re partners, two sides of the same coin fighting together until the very end.”

How old is Kaiden?

Kaidan Alenko was born in 2151, and so, he is 34 years old as of Mass Effect 2.

Does liara cheat on Shepard?

Because Liara isn’t property, Shepard fully acknowledges that she had every right to move on (take notes, Kaidan) and that her falling in love with someone else after Shepard’s death plus two years is not considered « cheating. » For Shepard, it hasn’t been two years.

Are there female Turians?

Turians are also recognisable by their voices, which have a distinctive flanging effect. Males and females do not differ greatly in physical appearance, but female turians lack the crest of horns found in the males of the race, and possess cat-like eyes. The lifespan of a turian is comparable to that of a human.

What color is salarian blood?

Their blood is a greenish color. Salarians are androgynous, and exhibit no major facial differences between males and females.

How old is Peebee?

Pelessaria B’Sayle, nicknamed Peebee, is an asari member of Ryder’s squad. She is young for an asari, giving her age as “100 and change.” A lone wolf and adventurer at heart, she originally came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus but quickly left and went adventuring on her own before encountering Ryder’s team.

Did Garrus family survive?

Mass Effect 3 Provided Garrus survived the suicide mission, Castis hears from him after Shepard was detained by the Alliance. His son laid out everything that had happened over the last three years: from the fight with Saren, to the Collector Base, and the eventual return of the Reapers.

How do Turians reproduce?

11 How Do Turians Reproduce? Like humans, Turians are viviparous in that they don’t lay eggs. Instead, they gestate their young and then give birth to live young after the gestation period. They use yokes much like birds do with their eggs.

Who is the father of Garrus and Solana Vakarian?

Do you like this video? Castis Vakarian is a retired C-Sec officer and the father of Garrus and Solana Vakarian. “You’ve got to walk your own path…”

Who is Garrus Vakarian’s father in Mass Effect?

Garrus Vakarian Family Castis Vakarian (father) Solana Vakarian Home Palaven Class C-Sec Agent ( Mass Effect) Rebel Skill Sniper Rifles Technology

Who is the voice actor for Garrus Vakarian?

He is one of the only two characters to be available as a full-time squadmate in all three games, the other being Tali’Zorah vas Normandy. He is voiced by Brandon Keener. Garrus is first encountered as a C-Sec officer that Shepard can ask in terms of hunting the renegade Spectre Saren Arterius, later joining him after saving Dr. Michel from thugs.

What do we know about Garrus Vakarian’s past?

Little is known of Garrus’s past, other than the fact he grew up on Palaven —he says Virmire reminds him of home, and if talked to on Therum ‘s surface, he says that he “thought Palaven was hot.” He has a very “by-the-book” father, a well-known C-Sec investigator whose mantra was “Do things right or don’t do them at all.”