Where is Burden Falls Wilderness?

Where is Burden Falls Wilderness?

Burden Falls Wilderness is located in Pope County. The Wilderness is located adjacent to Bay Creek Wilderness and is in a stone’s throw of Bell Smith Springs Recreation Area. Burden Falls Wilderness is comprised of a central hardwood ecosytem with some pine plantations.

How tall is Burden Falls?

The main feature is the 100-foot waterfall located at the waterfall trailhead. This is the tallest waterfall in the Shawnee National Forest. It falls 20-feet from the top to a ledge below and then an additional 80-feet from there.

What city is Burden Falls in?

Burden Falls is a 1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Stonefort, Illinois that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

Where is Inspiration Point in Illinois?

Wolf Lake
Found near Wolf Lake in the LaRue Pine Hills area, the Inspiration Point Trail is a 0.7-mile out-and-back trail with just a 164-foot elevation gain that leads to breathtaking views.

How tall is Trigg Tower?

The original wooden structure stood 40 feet tall. It was later replaced with a 100-foot-tall steel structure that was shortened for tourists visiting the Shawnee National Forest. It is no longer used for fire watch.

Can you swim at Shawnee National Forest?

Within the Shawnee National Forest, there isn’t a single swimming hole to be found: there are tons. The area has countless scenic pools that look like advertisements for bottled water, with crystal clear swimming spots fed by rocky streams.

What is the biggest waterfall in Illinois?

Burden Falls
Although this is a very small waterfall by the nationwide standards of the United States, Burden Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Illinois….

Burden Falls Wilderness
Nearest city Harrisburg, IL
Coordinates 37°33′48.6″N 88°38′32.7″WCoordinates: 37°33′48.6″N 88°38′32.7″W
Area 3,775 acres (15.28 km2)

How many people have died at Inspiration Point?

About 12 people have fallen to their deaths in 30 years at the park, according to Reuters.

Are dogs allowed at Inspiration Point?

The best parking for this trail is at Inspiration Point on Wildcat Canyon Road. Please note there is no drinking water at this parking area, and dogs must be on a leash on Nimitz way. Please note that dogs are not allowed in all areas of the park, so read signs carefully and adhere to the rules.

Is Trigg tower open?

The Trigg Lookout Tower is the last remaining fire tower in the Shawnee National Forest of the 16 that were built between 1934 and 1939. It has not served as an active fire lookout tower for decades, but has remained open as a tourist destination.

Can you swim at Starved Rock?

Biking is not allowed on the hiking trails at Starved Rock State Park. Drones are prohibited in all areas of the park. Swimming in the Illinois River, canyon creeks, canyon pools, or waterfalls is prohibited.

What is the clearest lake in Illinois?

Lake Le Aqua Na
Lake Le Aqua Na Has The Clearest Water in Illinois.

Where is the Burden Falls Wilderness in Illinois?

The Burden Falls Wilderness is a 3,775-acre (15.3 km²) unit of the Shawnee National Forest. It is located in northwestern Pope County and southwestern Saline County, Illinois.

How long are the trails at Burden Falls?

Trails for hiking and equestrian use pass by abandoned homesteads, fruit trees, cemeteries, and decommissioned roads. The main trail is 3.5 miles long, but many side trails branch off to go deeper into the wilderness. Hunting is popular in this area during Illinois designated hunting seasons.

Is there a cabin rental at Burden Falls?

As one of the closest cabin rentals to Garden of the Gods, these cabins also are within a short drive of Burden Falls and have hot tubs perfect for relaxing your sore muscles after a day of taking in the sites. Is boating a better option for your family?

Is there a way to see Burden Falls from below?

No bridges, footpaths, or rails are available in order to maintain the uniquely pristine wilderness environment. To safely view the falls from below, follow the switchback trail that runs along the top of the western edge of the bluff until the bluffs level off.