Where did Martin Frobisher live?

Where did Martin Frobisher live?

Sir Martin Frobisher, mariner, privateer, explorer (born ca. 1535 near Wakefield, England; died 22 November 1594 in Plymouth, England).

What was Martin Frobisher early life?

Early life. Martin Frobisher was probably born in 1535 or 1536, the son of merchant Bernard Frobisher of Altofts, Yorkshire, and Margaret York of Gouthwaite. He was the third of five children when his father died prematurely in 1542. The family was left in the care of his uncle, Francis Frobisher.

How many years did Martin Frobisher live?

Sir Martin Frobisher (c. 1535-1594 CE) was an Elizabethan adventurer and explorer who embarked on three expeditions in the 1570s CE to chart the waters of the North American Arctic and find the Northwest Passage to Asia.

Where was Martin Frobisher from?

Altofts, United Kingdom
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Where did Martin Frobisher grow up?

Yorkshire, England
Martin Frobisher was born in 1535 (some say 1539) in Yorkshire, England. His merchant father, Bernard Frobisher, sent him to stay with a relative, Sir John York, in London, where Frobisher attended school.

How many trips did Frobisher make to the Arctic and what did he do on his last voyage?

three voyages
It was for his three voyages to what was then called the New World that Frobisher became a famed explorer.

What is Frobisher Bay known for?

The bay is named for Sir Martin FROBISHER, who discovered it in 1576. Believing that rock samples contained gold, he returned in both 1577 and 1578 with ever larger fleets to conduct mining operations that proved futile….Frobisher Bay.

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Why is Frobisher Bay important?

1960-63 – Frobisher Bay is the location of a U.S. Strategic Air Command Unit. By 1963, when the American Air Force leaves, Frobisher Bay has become the Canadian government administrative, communications and transportation center for the Eastern Arctic.

Who was Sir Martin Frobisher and what did he do?

Sir Martin Frobisher. Sir Martin Frobisher, mariner, privateer, explorer (born ca. 1535 near Wakefield, England; died 22 November 1594 in Plymouth, England). Frobisher was an English seaman who completed three voyages to North America, first in search of the Northwest Passage and then mineral treasure.

When did Martin Frobisher arrive on Baffin Island?

Frobisher was chosen to lead 15 vessels and establish a colony on Baffin Island. The expedition left England in May 1578, arriving at Frobisher’s “strait” in July. During the journey, one of his ships sank, while another abandoned the expedition, returning to England.

Where did John Frobisher go on his travels?

Frobisher’s travels began in the 1550s, when he explored Africa’s northwest coast, particularly Guinea, in 1553 and 1554. The following year, Frobisher became an Elizabethan privateer, or lawful pirate, who was authorized by the English crown to plunder enemy nations’ treasure ships.

Why did Martin Frobisher go on the north west passage?

In 1574, Martin asks the Privy Council (advisors to Queen Elizabeth I) for permission and funds for an expedition across the top of the Atlantic Ocean (‘the north-west passage’) in an attempt to reach China and India. He says, ‘.. the matters that chiefly moved me to enter prose and avance this new voyage…