When was the word entourage first used?

When was the word entourage first used?

entourage (n.) 1832, “surroundings, environment,” picked up by De Quincey from French entourage, from entourer “to surround” (16c.), from Old French entour “that which surrounds” (10c.), from en- “in” (see en- (1)) + tour “a circuit” (see tour).

Where did the word entourage come from?

Entourage comes from the French word entourer, meaning “to surround,” and means “the people who surround someone.” It’s also pronounced like a French word, ending with the soft sound “razh” (not “rage”): “ON-too-razh.” The size of a pop star’s entourage might grow with every hit record she releases.

What is the full meaning of Entourage?

a group of attendants or associates, as of a person of rank or importance: The opera singer traveled with an entourage of 20 people. surroundings; environment: a house with a charming entourage of trees and flowers.

Where did the word really originate?

early 14c., “actually existing, having physical existence (not imaginary);” mid-15c., “relating to things” (especially property), from Old French reel “real, actual,” from Late Latin. The meaning “genuine” is recorded from 1550s; the sense of “unaffected, no-nonsense” is from 1847.

What’s the point of an entourage?

The purpose of an entourage is to have someone around who is familiar to you and who may help you on your climb to the top.

What do you call a entourage?

(ɒntʊrɑːʒ ) Word forms: plural entourages. countable noun [usually poss NOUN] A famous or important person’s entourage is the group of assistants, servants, or other people who travel with them.

What is the meaning of entourage in French?

environment; neighbourhood; vicinity; environs; neighborhood.

What does the word really suggest?

—used to refer to what is true or real. : without question or doubt. : to a great degree : very.

What does relly mean?

archaic : jest, mock. intransitive verb. archaic : rally, ridicule.

Who makes up an entourage?

Entourage typically has at least one celebrity guest per episode, such as actors, film directors, film producers, musicians and professional athletes playing themselves.

Can one person be an entourage?

A famous or important person’s entourage is the group of assistants, servants, or other people who travel with them.

What does the word entourage mean?

Meaning of entourage in English. › the group of people who travel with and work for an important or famous person: Her usual entourage includes musicians, backup singers, and technicians.

What does the name entourage mean?

entourage (Noun) A retinue of attendants, associates or followers. Etymology: From entourage, from entourer.

What does ENTORAGE mean?

Entourage is defined as the group of helpers and friends who travel with someone. An example of an entourage is the group of ten people that travel with the president.

What is the origin of the word entourage?

Origin Mid 19th century French, from entourer ‘to surround’.