When did Star Wars Holiday Special come out?

When did Star Wars Holiday Special come out?

November 17, 1978
The Star Wars Holiday Special/Initial release

Release. An ad for the special in TV Guide The Holiday Special aired in the United States on November 17, 1978 and was seen by an estimated 13 million viewers, second to the ABC TV series The Love Boat and miniseries Pearl.

How many times did Star Wars Holiday Special Air?

The Star Wars Holiday Special aired one time only on November 17, 1978…and it never aired again, some would say for good reason. But people are still talking about it today, and despite its flaws there’s a certain charm to it that is certainly a thing of its time.

How bad is Star Wars Holiday Special?

Contemporary critics have compared the special to being like a bad episode of Saturday Night Live. The special was likely never intended to leave any kind of mark, but the colossal impact of the original Star Wars could not hold back fans who were eager to see their favorites in action again.

How much did the Star Wars Holiday Special Cost?

1 million USD
The Star Wars Holiday Special/Budget
A hilariously misbegotten attempt to blend the cutting-edge blockbuster with an old-timey, Golden Age of Television sketch-show sensibility, “The Star Wars Holiday Special” cost $1 million to produce and aired exactly once, on Nov. 17, 1978.

Where can I find the Star Wars Holiday Special?

According to the official Star Wars website, Fett was voiced by Don Francks in the special. Separate from the rest of the special, the cartoon is presently available to view on the streaming platform Disney+.

What age is Chewbacca?

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s confirmed that Chewbacca is 190-years-old, which is expressed much to the shock of Han, who has to admit that Chewie “look[s] great!” That take place in the year 10BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), meaning Chewbacca was born in 200BBY.

How old is Chewbacca’s dad?

There’s an uncomfortably sexual interlude in which Chewbacca’s aging father Itchy — likely more than 350 years old, given an average Wookiee’s lifespan — is serenaded by an apparently naked Diahann Carroll from inside a kaleidoscope.

Is the faithful Wookiee canon?

Although it is no longer canon, like The Story of the Faithful Wookiee it did introduce us to characters who would go on to become huge fans favourites such as General Grievous and Nightsister-turned Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress.

What happened in Star Wars Holiday Special?

In the storyline that ties the special together, following the events of the original film, Chewbacca and Han Solo attempt to visit the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk to celebrate “Life Day”. They are pursued by agents of the Galactic Empire, who are searching for members of the Rebel Alliance on the planet.

Is Star Wars Holiday Special still canon?

Though die-hard fans might wish otherwise, the Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t technically canon. However, that hasn’t stopped the creators from pulling elements from the Holiday Special into the franchise’s universe.

How old is Jabba the Hutt?

around 600 years old
Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge (1992), a young-adult novel by Paul and Hollace Davids, identifies Jabba’s father as another powerful crime lord named Zorba and reveals that Jabba was born 596 years before the events of A New Hope, making him around 600 years old at the time of his death in Return of the Jedi.

How long is a Wookiee lifespan?

Wookiees had a long lifespan, appearing not to age over a span of fifty years.

When did the Star Wars holiday special come out?

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) 1h 37min | Adventure, Family, Musical | TV Movie 17 November 1978. Chewbacca and Han Solo try to get to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day, but are impeded by an Imperial blockade. Chewie’s family passes the time with various forms of entertainment.

Is the Star Wars holiday special based on a true story?

“Well, I know that George Lucas doesn’t like it at all—when I was working on The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, he told me that he would be happy if every copy could be tracked down and burned…” The Star Wars Holiday Special is a 1978 TV special based on a story by George Lucas.

Who are the characters in the Star Wars holiday special?

The special introduces three members of Chewbacca’s family: his father Itchy, his wife Malla, and his son Lumpy . The program also features the rest of the main Star Wars characters, including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader and Princess Leia, all portrayed by the original cast (except R2-D2, who is simply billed as “himself”).

What was the first Star Wars movie nominated for?

The original film was nominated for most of the major categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor for Alec Guinness, while all sequels have been nominated for technical categories. The first spin-off film produced was the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978).