When did Paramus Park open?

When did Paramus Park open?

March 14, 1974
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What is Paramus famous for?

Paramus is best known for its shopping malls – for the simple face that it has more square feet of malls per capita than any other place in the United States. But there was a time right up until the early 1950s when the borough was better known as the “celery capital of America” rather than its suburban malls.

Who owns Paramus Mall?

Brookfield Properties Retail Group
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How did Paramus get its name?

The native Lenni Lenape Indians gave Paramus its name. It comes from the Lenape word “peramsepuss” sometimes translated as “land of the wild turkeys” or “fertile fields where turkeys are found.” A large metal statue of a wild turkey can be found today at the Paramus Park Mall.

Why is Paramus mall closed on Sunday?

Due to the stricter version of the blue laws in Paramus, malls (and almost all retail establishments) in the borough are closed on Sunday except for restaurants and other exempted establishments.

What county is Paramus NJ in?

Bergen County

Does Paramus still have blue laws?

When the stores do open, it will only be for six days every week. So-called blue laws are still in place in Bergen County, New Jersey, where Triple Five Group’s American Dream is situated. Also nearby are the Outlets at Bergen Town Center, and Paramus Park Mall. Yep, all closed on Sunday.

Is Paramus rich?

The per capita income in Paramus in 2018 was $49,261, which is upper middle income relative to New Jersey, and wealthy relative to the rest of the US. This equates to an annual income of $197,044 for a family of four. Paramus is an extremely ethnically-diverse borough.

What is Paramus?

Paramus (/pəˈræməs/ pə-RAM-əs) is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. The name is usually said to be of Native American origin, derived from words meaning “land of the turkeys” or meaning “pleasant stream.”

What is the name of the Paramus Mall?

Paramus Park is a shopping mall located in Paramus, New Jersey, United States.

Is Paramus NJ Safe?

With a crime rate of 37 per one thousand residents, Paramus has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 27.

Why is IKEA Paramus closed on Sunday?

The store has been structured to restrict access to items that cannot be purchased on Sunday. Local blue laws in Paramus were first proposed in 1957, while the Bergen Mall and Garden State Plaza were under construction.

Where does the name Paramus Park come from?

Paramus comes from the Lenni Lenape Native American word meaning “land of the wild turkey” or “place of fertile soil”. Paramus Park is mentioned in the lyrics of the 1977 Dean Friedman song “Ariel”. The two characters in the song were “standing by the waterfall at Paramus Park”.

How big is the park in Paramus NJ?

The Borough of Paramus recently acquired 17 acres of woodland that increases this park to over 20 acres. Portions of the new area are state designated wetlands that cannot be developed and will remain as natural areas.

When was Garden State Plaza in Paramus built?

History. (At the time Garden State Plaza, built in 1957, was still an outdoor mall; it completed its conversion to an enclosed mall in 1984.) Paramus Park remains one of three indoor malls in Paramus; the Fashion Center and The Shoppes on IV, the latter constructed after Paramus Park was built, were converted into outdoor shopping plazas.

When was the Fashion Center in Paramus built?

Paramus Park was initially one of three enclosed malls in Paramus at the time of its construction. The Fashion Center, which is located near Paramus Park along Route 17, was the first built specifically as a strictly-indoor facility and opened in 1967.