What type of structure did the Iroquois live in?

What type of structure did the Iroquois live in?

The Iroquois lived in longhouses. These were long rectangular buildings made with wood frames and covered with bark. They were sometimes over 100 feet long.

How did the Iroquois longhouse structure social relationships in Iroquois societies?

The Iroquois lived in villages with long wooden buildings called “longhouses.” Families would live together in the structures with extended family members. The Haudenosaunee viewed the concept of the longhouse like six families living under one roof, with each nation representing a family.

What are the Iroquois social values?

The Iroquois were a very spiritual people who believed in the Great Spirit, the creator of all living things. They also believed in a Good Spirit and an Evil Spirit, who were in charge of good things and bad things that happened on the Earth.

What roles did the Iroquois have?

They were responsible for tending to the gardens, collecting food, and preparing meals (Kalman 19). They also made many household objects for the longhouses, such as: baskets, pottery, clothing, storage items, and cradleboards (Kalman).

What is the social structure of the Iroquois Confederacy?

The longhouse family was the basic unit of traditional Iroquois society, which used a nested form of social organization: households (each representing a lineage) were divisions of clans, several clans constituted each moiety, and the two moieties combined to create a tribe.

What was the Cherokee social structure?

Cherokee society is historically a matrilineal society and clanship is attained through the mother. Prior to Oklahoma statehood, the women were considered the head of household, and the home and children belonged to her should she separate from a husband.

What was the political structure of the Iroquois Nation and why was this significant?

Each Iroquois nation ran its internal affairs with a council of elected delegates. They also sent delegates to a grand council. It ran affairs among nations. It was a pure federal system.

What was the Iroquois society like?

Iroquois society was matrilineal, meaning descent was traced through the mother rather than through the father, as it was in Colonial society. While Iroquois sachems (chiefs-leaders) were men, women nominated them for their leadership positions and made sure they fulfilled their responsibilities.

Which value was most important to the Iroquois?

What value was most important to the Iroquois?

  • Respect for diversity: When the five nations came together, they all kept their own culture, language and territory.
  • Role of Women: “In the society of the Haudenosaunee, woman held important respected roles in society.
  • Cooperation and teamwork:
  • Using consensus:

What was the main purpose of the Iroquois Confederacy?

Well before Europeans came to North America, they organized the Iroquois League. The goal was to promote peace among themselves. Their system of government was so good, it inspired the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

What were the key ideas of the Iroquois Confederacy?

The Iroquois Confederacy were six tribes who lived, fought, ate, built, and worked together to better their lives. They created laws and government. Some of their ideas worked so well they helped our country create its first democratic government and constitution.

What did Cherokees contribute to society?

After 1800 the Cherokee were remarkable for their assimilation of American settler culture. The tribe formed a government modeled on that of the United States. Under Chief Junaluska they aided Andrew Jackson against the Creek in the Creek War, particularly in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.