What places starts with the letter A?

What places starts with the letter A?

United States Cities Starting with A

City 2021 Population State
Anchorage 282,958 Alaska
Arlington 233,464 Virginia
Amarillo 199,747 Texas
Augusta 199,614 Georgia

How many places start with a?

Of the 194 countries on Earth, 11 countries start with the letter A. A total of 11 countries and three territories in the world begin with the letter A.

What cities end with a?

Can you name the US cities that end with the letter ‘A’ and have more than 100,000 people?

Population City % Correct
197,166 Augusta 58.5%
466,893 Omaha 57.1%
401,800 Tulsa 53.1%
133,114 Columbia 51.7%

What city starts with the letter N?

United States Cities Starting with N

City 2021 Population State
New York City 8,230,290 New York
Nashville 678,448 Tennessee
New Orleans 388,424 Louisiana
Newark 282,529 New Jersey

What countries start with Z?

Countries that start with “Z”

# Country Area (Km²)
1 Zambia 743,390
2 Zimbabwe 386,850

How many countries in the World A to Z?

Countries and Regions of the World from A to Z Since South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011, there are now 195 independent sovereign nations in the world (not including the disputed but de facto independent Taiwan), plus some 60 dependent areas, and several disputed territories, like Kosovo.

What countries start with the letter Y?

Countries that start with “Y”

# Country Density (P/Km²)
1 Yemen 56

What is the name of city in India?

City Census 2011

# City State
1 Mumbai Maharashtra
2 Delhi Delhi
3 Bangalore Karnataka
4 Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

What is a place that starts with R?

Cities Starting with R

City Population Country
Riyadh 4,205,961 Saudi Arabia
Rome 2,318,895 Italy
Rawalpindi 1,743,101 Pakistan
Rabat 1,655,753 Morocco

What is a place starting with Y?

Cities Starting with Y

City Population Country
Yogyakarta 636,660 Indonesia
Yancheng 628,441 China
Yaroslavl 606,730 Russia
Yingkou 591,159 China

What is a city that starts with S?

United States Cities Starting with S

City 2021 Population State
Salt Lake City 200,831 Utah
Sunrise Manor 193,781 Nevada
Sioux Falls 190,583 South Dakota
Shreveport 182,616 Louisiana

How many counties begin with the letter Z?

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, one of the two countries that start with the letter Z. The United Nations recognizes 206 states, which are categorized into three categories: 193 member states; two observer states; and eleven other states.