What is TMDE for the Army?

What is TMDE for the Army?

The U.S. Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Activity (USATA) has the primary organizational responsibility of performing the test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) calibration and repair support mission (C&RS) for the Army, other DOD claimants, and thousands of industrial based customers.

What is TMDE?

TMDE is a collection of tools and test equipment used by technicians and mechanics across the public sector and within the Department of Defense (DoD). Given the breadth of TMDE within industry and military alike, there are many opportunities for improvement.

What does TMDE stand for in the air force?


How do I access Tmde?

  1. Go to https://ellc.learn.army.mil/ and click CAC/PKI Login.
  2. Click on the Courses link.
  3. Once the Courses screen has loaded, click on the Browse Course Catalog link.
  4. Once the Course Catalog loads, type in “TMDE” in the Search Catalog search area and click Go.
  5. Results from your search will populate.

Why is Tmde important?

TMDE is an important component of Army maintenance because it provides the ability to test, adjust, synchronize, verify accuracy of, and repair air and ground weapon systems by using highly precise measurements across various spectrums.

What is Tmde coordinator?

Calibrates and repairs general purpose test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) to include selected special purpose TMDE such as Radiation Detecting, Indicating, and Computing (RADIAC) equipment.

How does the United States Army support TMDE?

USATA’s TMDE Support Centers are collocated with several of the depots to provide on-site support as well as ISO 17025 accreditation, and in-house laboratory metrology and calibration services to enable Army readiness thru TMDE mission support to Reset, Recapitalization, and Army Working Capital Funded requirements.

When to submit a TMDE for special calibration?

Even though a current CALIBRATED or SPECIAL CALIBRATION label is affixed, TMDE received from the supply system should have lst/2d echelon operational check performed prior to use. When the validity of the TMDE’s calibration is in doubt, it should be submitted for calibration.

Where is the Marine Corps TMDE calibration facility located?

Any request for deviation from this requirement must be submitted to, Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command (COMMARCORSYSCOM), TMDE/Calibration and TMDE Management Systems (CTMS), 2033 Barnett Ave., Suite 315 Quantico, VA 22134-5010. b. MARFOR Commands Authorized TMDE Calibration and Maintenance Facilities.

Who are the members of the usata Change Management Directorate?

The USATA Change Management Directorate consists of a Board of Directors (BOD), chaired by the Executive Director; and a Program Review Council (PRC) and Employee Engagement Council (EEC), both chaired by the Senior Deputy Director. The PRC consists of Division Chiefs or their designated equivalents.