What is the total number of atoms in an atom of K 42?

What is the total number of atoms in an atom of K 42?

Answer Explanation
1 Potassium has 19 protons always 42-19=23 neutrons
1 A Copper ATOM has 29 electrons but it is an ion here so 28.
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1 Organic =carbon

What is the decay mode of potassium 37?

Potassium – 37 decays by positron emission to form the unstable argon – 37. And then another positron emission finally yields chlorine -37 which is stable. Positron emission is a process where a proton is converted to a neutron, a positron and a neutrino.

What is the difference between the number of electrons in an atom of potassium?

A potassium atom, K is in its normal elemental state with 1 valence electron in it’s most outer shell. However the potassium ion has lost it’s valence electron and has therefore formed a positive action, K+ . It instead has 19 protons and 18 electrons, yielding a net positive charge.

How many protons neutrons and electrons does potassium 42 have?

This means that potassium alone contains 19 protons and electrons and 20 neutrons.

What is the atomic mass of potassium 37?

List of isotopes

Nuclide Z Isotopic mass (Da)
Excitation energy
37K 19 36.97337589(10)
38K 19 37.96908112(21)
38m1K 130.50(28) keV

How many neutrons does K 39 have?

twenty neutrons
Potassium-39 has twenty neutrons.

Is potassium 42 stable?

Potassium-42, half-life 12.32 hrs, decays via beta(-) emission (3525.45 keV) to calcium-42, half-life stable.

Why is potassium 42 used as a tracer?

An artificially produced beta-emitting isotope of potassium having a half-life of 12.36 hours; it is used as a radioactive tracer in studies of potassium distribution in bodily fluids.

What is the number of electrons in potassium 37?

Name Potassium
Number of Protons 19
Number of Neutrons 20
Number of Electrons 19
Melting Point 63.65° C

How many electrons are in potassium?

19 electrons
b. This tells us that in an atom of K there are 19 protons and 19 electrons.

How is potassium-42 formed?

Potassium-42 is produced by neutron bombardment of natural potassium. Potassium-43 is produced by alpha bombardment of a natural argon target.

What is the mass of potassium-42?

List of isotopes

Nuclide Z Isotopic mass (Da)
Excitation energy
41K 19 40.961825258(4)
42K 19 41.96240231(11)
43K 19 42.9607347(4)