What is the theme of The Reader by Bernhard Schlink?

What is the theme of The Reader by Bernhard Schlink?

The primary concern of the novel is guilt about the Holocaust. Examining the role of guilt in post-war Germany, The Reader presents guilt as a pervasive and inevitable force. An important motif running throughout the story is the question of who must be held responsible for atrocities committed during the Holocaust.

Is The Reader by Bernhard Schlink a true story?

‘The Reader’ is partially based on a true story. The screenplay is adapted from the 1995 German novel of the same name by Bernhard Schlink. The book is considered a parable that deals with the complexities faced by the post-war German generations in understanding the Holocaust.

What books does Michael read to Hanna in The Reader?

That is why Hanna is so receptive when Michael (“kid,” as she calls him) reads to her. He’s not just reading comic books or murder mysteries. He’s reading Kant, Hegel “War and Peace” and literary heavyweights such as Schiller and Eichendorff.

How old is Hanna in The Reader?

Hanna Schmitz, a former guard at Auschwitz. She is 36, illiterate and working as a tram conductor in Neustadt when she first meets 15-year-old Michael.

Is Hanna guilty in the reader?

Hanna was both guilty because she sent women to their deaths and did not open the doors, but not guilty because she did not understand that she had the power to make choices that were not the rules imposed on her by her authorities. Tragically, the greatest victim in “The Reader” is Hanna.

What is the effect of theme on the reader?

Most importantly, theme allows readers to relate to the characters and their struggles – and to feel invested in the outcome. That’s why we read novels and write stories to begin with, right?

Why did Hanna hang herself in The Reader?

Why did Hanna kill herself? She had overcome her greatest obstacle so far in learning to read and write. So it couldn’t have been shame. She was also probably innocent of the more serious accusations against her, so it couldn’t have been guilt.

Is The Reader a good book?

If you are looking for a book that is a fast read and a real page-turner that leaves you craving others to discuss its moral ambiguity with, “The Reader” by Bernhard Schlink is a great choice. It was an acclaimed book published in Germany in 1995 and its popularity spiked when it was chosen for Oprah’s Book Club.

Why did Hanna hang herself in the reader?

Who did Michael marry in the reader?

Hanna gets a life sentence and Michael becomes a law clerk and marries a woman named Gertrude. The married couple have a daughter named Julia. However, when Julia is five, Michael and Gertrude divorce. Hanna has already been in prison for several years when Michael decides to send Hannah books on tape.

What is Hanna’s secret in The Reader?

Throughout most of the novel, Hanna puts considerable energy into hiding what she views as her most shameful secret, her illiteracy, despite the fact that she also participated in war crimes as a former Nazi prison guard.

What is Hanna’s secret in the reader?