What is the strongest deck in Vanguard?

What is the strongest deck in Vanguard?

What are the top 10 best decks in Vanguard today?

  • Chaos Breaker. Revengers.
  • Majesty Thing. Nociel. Overlord.
  • Sanctuary Guard. Blue Wave. Chronojet.
  • Seven Seas. Metalborgs. Ripples. Ahsha.
  • Diablo. Nightrose. Nouvelle. Jewel Knights. Dimensional Robos. Claret Sword. Harri. Vermillion. Chatnoir. Brawlers. Shiranui. Messiahs.

What is the highest grade in Vanguard?

A card’s grade can be from 0 to 5, with higher grade cards being more powerful than lower grade cards. : The numeric value that expresses the strength of a unit when attacking.

Is cardfight Vanguard popular?

You will also probably see cardfight vanguard here in 90% of cardshops and attendance mostly reach 300 to 400(504 at the most ive seen) for bcs/springfest.

What is a ride deck in Vanguard?

Ride Deck (ライドデッキ Raidodekki), also known as Guaranteed Ride ( 確 かく 定 てい ライド Kakutei Raido), is a deck construction separate from the main deck, which helps the player to always be able to ride their vanguard to the next grade. This construction can only be used under. Standard rules, replacing G Assist as a whole.

How many Grade 3 Vanguard decks are there?

You should do your own experimentation to see how you like your ratios of the deck, but the generic fomat of the deck is 17 Grade 0, 14 Grade 1, 12 Grade 2 and 7 Grade 3.

Can you guard with a grade higher than your Vanguard?

The defending fighter can call units to the guardian circle from their hand. Only units that have a “Shield” and is a grade no higher than your vanguard can be called as guardians. As long as the guardian is in the guardian circle, the amount of the shield gets added to the power of the unit being attacked.

Can you persona ride from ride deck?

You can only ride one grade above your current vanguard when riding from the Ride Deck, therefore, you are unable to use Persona Ride.

Can you persona ride a rear guard?

A: Yes, it does. Q: The rear-guards that were in the front row during Persona Ride were moved to the back row.

How many triggers can you have in a vanguard deck?

16 trigger cards
Each trigger card has a trigger icon located at the top right of the card. During deck construction, a deck must contain exactly 16 trigger cards, with a maximum of four [Heal] triggers (regardless of their card names) and a maximum of one [Over] trigger.

How many units is a deck of G?

Currently, all G units are grade 4. Unlike normal units and trigger units, G units are placed in the G deck during deck construction, which can contain up to 16 cards with a maximum of 4 copies of a card by name….Grade 4.

Card Name Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze
Clan Cray Elemental
Race Gyze
CollapseType G unit