What is the rule of mutual transfer?

What is the rule of mutual transfer?

” Transfer from one department to another. �Person employed in one department shall not be eligible for employment in another except with the previous consent of the head of the department in which they are employed.”

What is mutual transfer?

mutual transfer. 1 – 10 of 18876 (0.23 seconds) Section 118 in The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 [Complete Act] Property Act, 1882 118. “ Exchange” defined.—When two persons mutually transfer the ownership of one thing for the ownership.

Is it possible to transfer from one railway zone to another?

Once you are alloted a division it is not possible to change. He can register for transfer as per the rules of inter division transfer after training.

How seniority is determined in railway?

get seniority based on the date of appointment. When the date of joining is same for two or more employees those who born earlier will rank senior. Among direct recruits and departmental promotees seniority will be as per the date of joining, but their in between seniority will not be disturbed.

How can I write application for mutual transfer?

FOR MUTUAL TRANSFER. Dear Sir/Madam, With due respect, It is submitted that I am serving as a teacher under your kind control. I perform my duties with full zeal and zest.

How can I transfer my govt job?

I. Post tenure of an employee shall be 3 years and station tenure shall be 6 years. Provided that an employee may be transferred before completion of post/station tenure on administrative grounds to be recorded in writing by an authority who is superior to the authority competent to order such transfer.

Is Loco pilot a transferable job?

Loco Pilots can find job opportunities anywhere around the country. There is no particular place or area upon which the job can be based. This job is primarily transferable, so they need to go wherever they have to go.

How much time does it take for mutual transfer in railway?

The concerned Cadre Officer in Headquarters should obtain the approval for forwarding the applications as well as for the mutual transfer of the employee, from the concerned HOD within five working days.

Is seniority based on date of joining?

Seniority of an employee in public service is not to be calculated from the date when vacancy arose, but from the date of actual appointment, the Supreme Court has held. “A person is disentitled to claim seniority from a date he was not borne in service,” the court said.

What is non fortuitous service in railways?

Note :—Non-fortuitous service means the service rendered after the date of regular promotion after due process.

How do I write a letter from one branch to another?

Dear Sir/Madam, I am presently having a savings account bearing number ___________ with your bank’s ________ branch. I would like to inform you that I have recently relocated to (City’s name) along with my family due to transfer of my job.

How do I write a letter of transfer to an employee?

State the purpose of the letter clearly in the title. Mention the position of the employee with the employee code or number. If the employer is transferring the employee, the employer must list the perks and benefits for the employee. Mention the date that the employee is supposed to report.

Can a mutual transfer be made between full time employees?

Mutual exchanges may be made only between full-time Motor Vehicle Service employees who are the same level and have the same occupational code.

Where can I post my mutual transfer request?

Employees can post their mutual transfer requests with their appropriate postal labor unions (which are published in union publications), at some labor union Web sites, and at this Web site – PostalMag.com. (See right column for details.)

How much can I transfer to another TreasuryDirect account?

Internal – To another TreasuryDirect account holder: You may transfer Marketable Securities in increments of $100. You may choose to transfer a portion or the full amount of a security for a single transfer.

What kind of funds can be transferred through an eft?

EFTs include, but are not limited to, point-of-sale (POS) transfers; auto- mated teller machine (ATM) transfers; direct depos- its or withdrawals of funds; transfers initiated by telephone; and transfers resulting from debit card transactions, whether or not initiated through an electronic terminal (12 CFR 1005.3(b)).