What is the example of circumflex?

What is the example of circumflex?

An example of something circumflex is a sharp turn in the road. Circumflex means to write a curve over a letter to indicate a certain sound. An example of circumflex is to write a tilde (˜). Circumflex is defined as a curved mark (ˆ or ˜) that shows an accent or speech sound in certain languages.

What is circumflex used for?

What is the circumflex accent? Indicated by the sign ^, it is placed over a vowel to show that the vowel or syllable containing it must be pronounced in a certain way. In French, the vowel so marked has a certain grave and long sound quality.

What is a circumflex inflection?

Double or Circumflex Inflection This is when there is a rising and falling, or a falling and rising of pitch within the vowel. Most often, this change in pitch indicates confidence, finality, power, and certainty. Examples: Lower the pitch at the end of these words.

What is intonation and examples?

The definition of intonation is the way the pitch of your voice goes up and down as you talk or reciting something by singing it. An example of intonation is the way your voice raises in pitch at the end of a question. An example oif intonation is the Gregorian chant. Her intonation was false.

What is a sentence for circumflex?

Circumflex sentence example I’m chuffed, and even more chuffed because I had a circumflex over the a! Called a circumflex accent, this accent is used in some conjugation forms of the verb, but not in others.

What is a sentence with the word circumflex?

Sentence Examples. The left circumflex coronary artery showed severe calcific atherosclerosis. Some speakers would give these words the circumflex, but it would be the rising circumflex, so that the sound would still terminate with the rising inflection.

How do you use a circumflex?

Press “Ctrl-Shift” and the caret (” ^ “) key and then the letter to insert a circumflex accent.

How do you use circumflex in a sentence?

When should we use circumflex inflection?

Circumflex inflections are used to express contrasts or corrections.

What does it mean to have inflection in your voice?

: a rise or fall in the sound of a person’s voice : a change in the pitch or tone of a person’s voice.

What is the meaning of the word circumflex?

noun In elocution, a combined rising and falling or falling and rising inflection on a word or syllable, to express surprise, mockery, etc. To pronounce with the accent or intonation called the circumflex.

When to use the circumflex over a consonant?

In Turkish, the circumflex over a and u is sometimes used in words of Arabic or Persian derivation to indicate when a preceding consonant ( k, g, l) is to be pronounced as a palatal plosive; [c], [ɟ] ( kâğıt, gâvur, mahkûm, Gülgûn ). The circumflex over i is used to indicate a nisba suffix ( millî, dinî ).

When do you use the circumflex in romanization?

In the Nihon-shiki system of romanization, the circumflex is used to indicate long vowels. The Kunrei-shiki system, which is based on Nihon-shiki system, also uses the circumflex.

What does the circumflex mean in Cree language?

In the transliteration of this language, the circumflex indicates a long vowel resulting from an aleph contraction. In western Cree, Sauk, and Saulteaux, the Algonquianist Standard Roman Orthography (SRO) indicates long vowels [aː eː iː oː~uː] either with a circumflex ⟨ â ê î ô ⟩ or with a macron ⟨ ā ē ī ō ⟩.