What is the decimal of five and thirty eight thousandths?

What is the decimal of five and thirty eight thousandths?

Five and thirty-eight hundredths 5.38 (8 is in the hundredths’ place.) Nineteen and four thousandths 19.004 (Insert two zeros so that the 4 is in the thousandths’ place.)

How do you write thousandths as hundredths?

To write this number, you need to use the thousands place, which is made up of 10 hundreds. You also use the thousandths place, which is 1/10 of a hundredth. In other words, there are ten thousandths in one hundredth. As you can see, moving from the decimal point to the left is ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

How do you write 35 thousandths?

Written as a decimal, 35 thousandths is equivalent to 0.035.

How is two hundred thousandths written?

Answer: Thus, two hundred thousandths is 0.200, so Student 2 had the correct answer. As you can see, decimals are named by the place of the last digit.

What is the hundred thousands place?


expression place name
1,000 thousands
10,000 ten thousands
100,000 hundred thousands
1,000,000 millions

What decimal place is the thousandth?

Rules for Decimal place values The first digit to the right of decimal point is in the tenths place. The second digit to the right of decimal point is in the hundredths place. The third digit to the right of decimal point is in the thousandths place.

How can 8 hundredths be written?

Answer: If you divide 8 by one hundred you get 8 hundredths as a decimal which is 0.08.

How do you write hundredths?

When writing a decimal number, look at the decimal point first. If the last number is two places away from the decimal point, it is in the hundredths place. The number 0.39 would be written as thirty-nine hundredths. The nine is the last number and is in the hundredths place.

How do you write 35% as a decimal?

Example: Using 75.6% again, the conversion of 0.756 is found by dividing 75.6 by 100 (75.6/100)….Table of Conversions.

Percent Decimal
25% 0.25
30% 0.30
35% 0.35
40% 0.40

How do you express decimal numerals?

How do you write a decimal number in word form?

  1. To write a decimal in word form, follow these steps:
  2. Let’s try it with 2.37.
  3. First, write the whole-number part.
  4. Write “and” for the decimal point.
  5. Next, write the word form of the digits in the decimal part.
  6. Finally, end with the place value of the last digit.

When do you only write the hundreds in a number?

When you are writing out numbers 100 to 999 you only need to write the hundreds place and then the rest of the number. There is no need to write ‘and’. Here are some examples.

What’s the best way to write a number?

Starting from the right hand side of the number, where the ones place is, count three digits to the left, and then add a comma. Continue separating the number into groups of three. Here are some examples. Some countries use a period instead of a comma. Writing fractions into words is a little bit different.

Do you write the number as you hear it?

As a general rule of thumb, always write the number as you hear it. For example, if you were to say 1,954 out loud you would say nineteen hundred fifty four. This is how you would write it. You would not write nineteen fifty-four.

Do you hyphenate numbers between 21 and 99?

Technically speaking, it is correct to hyphenate all numbers between 21 and 99. However, if we go back to our cheque writing example, it isn’t really necessary to hyphenate any number since it is the decimal point that hold the most weight. Here is an example of 21 to 99 written out phonetically, with proper hyphen placement.