What is the conflict in shattered by Eric Walters?

What is the conflict in shattered by Eric Walters?

There are 3 types of conflict in the novel :person vs person, person vs himself , and person vs society. Person vs person: Ian is trying to help Jack stop drinking throughout the novel. Person vs himself: Jack is fighting his memories.

What is the main theme of shattered?

A major theme in Shattered is human privilege and what it means to be disadvantaged. Ian himself has privilege and doesn’t realize it at first. He only works at the soup kitchen because he has to do community service for his civics class; it isn’t something he’s called to do or something that holds an interest for him.

What is the climax of shattered?

The climax is when Ian goes to church with Berta. Not only is this near the end of the novel but it is also where Ian learns the last thing that completes his journey.

Who is the main character in Shattered?

Eric Walters’s young adult novel Shattered (2006) tells the story of Ian Blackburn. He is shaken out of his privileged life when he meets Jack, a homeless veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Where does the book Shattered take place?

Jacques was a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, and his last tour of duty was as a peacekeeper stationed in Rwanda, an African nation Ian knows little about. In this gripping tale, Ian begins to learn truths not only about Rwanda, but about the world, for which he is not prepared.

What is the plot of the book Shattered?

Shattered, by Eric Walters depicts the story of a fifteen-year-old boy named Ian Blackburn. He wants to finish his community service hours to pass his social studies class. Ian chooses to work in a soup kitchen for the homeless called “The Club” with Mr. MacDonald (also known as Mac).

Who is the author of Shattered?

Eric Walters

Who is Jacob in shattered?

Jacob is a quiet, shy little boy who went through things that no child should ever have to go through. He began his life in fear of his father and his mother, who constantly beat, stabbed and burned him while destroying his hopes and dreams of a better life.

What is the plot in shattered by Eric Walters?

How old is Ian in shattered?

15-year-old Ian is a wealthy spoiled teenager, who in order to pass his civics class, must perform community service. He decides to go to “The Club” after being intrigued merely by its name, and little to his knowledge turns out to be a soup kitchen.

How did Canada help in the Rwandan genocide?

From 1993 to 1995, Canada was a leading contributor to a series of United Nations peacekeeping missions in the African nation of Rwanda. Following the genocide, a new contingent of Canadian troops returned to Rwanda as part of UNAMIR II, tasked with restoring order and bringing aid to the devastated population.

Who is Sarge shattered?

”Shattered” is a book about a man named Jacques (or Sarge) who was involved in the Rwandan Genocide. Jacques has a drinking problem and is homeless. While getting served at The Club, he met a boy named Ian who was volunteering to serve the food.

Who are the main characters in shattered by Eric Walters?

Shattered by Eric Walters is a well structured book with obvious character development for the main character Ian. He was a spoiled teenage boy who came from a rich family yet forced to go help out in the “club” for passing his civics class.

What was Ian’s real name in shattered by Eric Walters?

His real name is Jacques, and he was a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces. His last tour of duty was as a peacekeeper stationed in Rwanda, an African nation Ian knows little about. In this gripping tale, Ian learns not only about Rwanda but about the world, and he is not at all prepared.

How did Ian help Jacques in the book Shattered?

Ian tries to help Jacques through his rough past and also tries to encourage him to stop drinking. Ian teaches Jacques that every life is special because Jacques thinks he is worthless. In the end, Ian had ended up helping out Jacques a lot.

Who is the author of the book Shattered?

With a Foreword by General Roméo Dallaire, force commander for the United Nations Mission to Rwanda, Shattered is an important book, one that asks what one person can do to make a difference. More Details… To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.