What is meaning of line of operations?

What is meaning of line of operations?

Lines that define the directional orientation of the force in time and space in relation to the enemy. They connect the force with its base of operations and its objectives. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

What is a Line of operation Military?

In the traditional sense, a line of operations is “an imaginary line between the force’s base of operations and the objective”. In contrast, a logical line of operations is one in which “positional reference to enemy forces has little relevance”.

What is an example of operation?

The definition of an operation is the process of working or functioning, or a surgical procedure. An example of an operation is how a light switch turns on and off. An example of an operation is someone getting their appendix taken out. The state of being operative or functional.

What is the operation define?

1 : performance of a practical work or of something involving the practical application of principles or processes Practice until you can go through the whole operation without hesitation or thinking. 2a : an exertion of power or influence the operation of a drug.

Which of the following is a responsibility of the Jfacc?

The responsibilities of the JFACC are assigned by the JFC. These include, but are not limited to: planning, coordination, allocation, and tasking of joint air operations based on the JFC’s concept of operations and air apportionment decision.

What is a Planord?

A Planning Order (PLANORD) is a planning directive providing essential planning guidance and directs the initiation of plan development before the directing authority approves a military COA. Only the President and SecDef have the authority to approve and direct the initiation of military operations.

What are the types of operations?

Key Takeaways There are three different types of business operations- service, merchandising, and manufacturing.

What is place of operation?

A judicial analysis used to determine a corporation’s real place of business which prioritizes the venue of corporate activities. two tests for determining the principal place of business of a corporation. …

What is the primary purpose of the JAOP?

It provides military guidance for the exercise of authority by combatant commanders and other joint force commanders (JFCs), and prescribes joint doctrine for operations and training. It provides military guidance for use by the Armed Forces in preparing and executing their plans and orders.

What is the definition of a line of Operation?

In the traditional sense, a line of operations is “an imaginary line between the force’s base of operations and the objective”.

What does line of operations mean?

Line of operations. that portion of a theater of war which an army passes over in attaining its object. See also: Line. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.

What are logical lines of Operation?

Logical line of operation. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A logical line of operation (LLO) is an obsolete American military doctrinal concept. It was originally used along with the separate term line of operation which described a geographic line from a base of operations to a military objective.

What are military lines of effort?

Lines of Effort. In military terms, lines of effort (LOE) represent sequences of related actions intended to be mutually supportive in achieving the overall goals of a plan. Operation Cast Lead appears to be proceeding along multiple LOE, with each producing effects on a critical sphere of activity for Hamas .