What is Lionel Richie ethnicity?

What is Lionel Richie ethnicity?

Richie was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. His family is of African American, Cherokee Native American, English, French-Canadian and Scottish descent.

Who is Nicole Richie’s dad?

Lionel Richie
Peter Michael Escovedo
Nicole Richie/Fathers

Is Lionel Richie’s mom white?

While her mother, Diane Alexander, is white, her father, Lionel Richie, is black, making Richie biracial. Richie is light skinned and often passes as white, but she’s very much aware of her roots.

Where is Lionel Richie originally from?

Tuskegee, Alabama, United States
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Who were Nicole Richie’s biological parents?

Nicole Richie’s early life and birth parents Nicole was born Nicole Camille Escovedo on September 21, 1981 to her biological mother, Karen Moss, and her father, Peter Michael Escovedo.

Who are Lionel Richie’s parents?

Alberta R. Richie
Lionel Brockman Richie
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Who is Lionel Richie’s son?

Miles Brockman Richie
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Richie and Harvey divorced on August 9, 1993, after nearly 18 years of marriage. Richie married Diane Alexander on December 21, 1995. They have a son, Miles Brockman (born May 27, 1994), and a daughter, Sofia Richie (born August 24, 1998).

Does Sofia Richie have siblings?

Nicole Richie
Miles Brockman Richie
Sofia Richie/Siblings

Is Lionel Richie’s daughter adopted?

How many children does Lionel Richie have? In 1983, Lionel and his first wife adopted Nicole Camille Escovedo, the two-year-old daughter of one of the members of his band, and niece of drummer Sheila E. They raised her as their daughter, Nicole Richie, and adopted her legally when she was nine.

Is Lionel Richie Sofia’s biological father?

Sofia Richie was born in Los Angeles, California to parents Lionel Richie and his second wife Diane Alexander. She is the younger sister of Nicole Richie and Miles Richie. Sofia Richie’s godfather was singer Michael Jackson. Richie grew up with an affinity for music like her father.

Is Nicole Lionel’s biological daughter?

Nicole Richie’s Kids Called Her Out on an NSFW Snapchat Sofia is the biological daughter of Lionel Richie and his second wife Diane Alexander, whom he divorced in 2004.

Who is Sofia sister?

Nicole Richie
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