What is environmental leave?

What is environmental leave?

Environmental and Morale Leave is leave authorized at an overseas installation where adverse environmental conditions require special arrangements for leave in desirable places at periodic intervals.

What are the Space a categories?

Space-Available travel eligibility Category I: Emergency Leave Unfunded Travel. Category II: Accompanied Environmental and Morale Leave, or EML. Category III: Ordinary Leave, Relatives, House Hunting Permissive Temporary Duty, Medal of Honor Holders and Foreign Military. Category IV: Unaccompanied EML.

Who is eligible for military hops?

Dependents 18 years of age or older of deployed active duty uniformed services members are eligible to travel unaccompanied when the deployment orders indicate the deployment is for 30 consecutive days or more. Dependents are authorized to travel for the duration of the sponsor’s deployment.

Can military fly for free?

Service members and their families can use Space-Available flights to travel around the country and world at little to no cost. Flights are typically free of charge, but call to confirm any taxes or fees. The only way to sign up for a Space-A flight is through a military terminal.

Is rest and recuperation leave chargeable?

The program authorizes 15 days of chargeable leave to all servicemembers, Active and Reserve, and Department of Defense (DoD) civilians who are projected to be within the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility in support of Operations New Dawn and Enduring Freedom for at least 270 days.

What does FEML stand for?


Acronym Definition
FEML Funded Environmental and Morale Leave (US military)
FEML Family Emergency Medical Leave
FEML Faculty of Economics Management Law
FEML Facial Expression Markup Language (anatomical modeling)

Can family members fly Space A?

Except EML, Emergency Travel, and Command Sponsored Category V, family members must be accompanied by the sponsor to fly Space A. Space A seats are normally identified as early as 2-3 hours and as late as 30 minutes prior to departure.

Can you fly in military uniform?

Soldiers can now wear the Army Combat Uniform while traveling on commercial planes, trains or automobiles. The change is effective immediately; the Army has lifted a restriction that was included in the last revision of the service’s uniform and appearance regulation.

Can spouses fly Space A?

In 2019, those veterans became eligible to fly Space-A on regularly scheduled military passenger aircraft, joining retirees and their spouses; National Guard and Reserve members on the Active Status List; and surviving spouses of those who died on active duty. Dependents cannot travel without the veteran sponsor.

Can dependents of 100 disabled veterans fly Space A?

McCain National Defense Authorization Act last year, 100% service connected disabled Veterans became eligible for Space Available Travel. The Space-A Program fills surplus capacity and seating on DOD aircraft. A popular perk among retirees, now eligible Veterans can take advantage of the program and fly for free.

What rank is an O 3?


Pay Grade Rank
Commissioned Officers
O-1 2nd Lieutenant
O-2 1st Lieutenant
O-3 Captain

Can military spouses board planes first?

NOPE. Your DoD ID and its benefits will work in all forms of air travel; official or recreational, in uniform or in civvies, active duty or dependent. I am a civilian spouse (not prior active duty) and I have successfully used my DoD ID for Priority boarding in the past.

When to use environmental and morale leave ( EML )?

Environmental and Morale Leave (EML) Environmental and Morale Leave is leave authorized at an overseas installation where adverse environmental conditions require special arrangements for leave in desirable places at periodic intervals. Unified commanders designate the authorized EML duty locations and destinations.

What should be included in a leave policy?

For many companies, a leave policy consists of letting their employees know about their paid leave days and the national holidays they get. But, leave policies are more important than you’d realize. One of the first questions from most candidates who are being recruited by a company is about the organization’s leave policy.

When do EML orders revert to ordinary leave?

Dependents traveling on EML leave orders alone are in Category IV. Military sponsors and/or dependents on EML revert to ordinary leave status when they arrive in CONUS. They regain their EML status only when they depart CONUS for their EML program area.