What is comparative adjective of fast?

What is comparative adjective of fast?

Fast is the positive adjective—it just states a property of that object. Faster is a comparative adjective—it, well, compares two nouns.

What is superlative degree of fast?

We form superlative adverbs by adding the ending “-est” to the base adverb, or by adding the word most or least before the base adverb. There are simple rules that tell us which is the correct method….One syllable + “-est”

Adverb (base form) Superlative Adverb
fast fastest
hard hardest
high highest
late latest

Is Fastest a comparative or superlative?

What Are Comparative And Superlative Adverbs?

Positive Comparative Superlative
loudly more loudly most loudly
fast faster fastest
well better best

What is the comparative of Word?

Comparative adjectives are used to compare differences between the two objects they modify (larger, smaller, faster, higher). They are used in sentences where two nouns are compared, in this pattern: Noun (subject) + verb + comparative adjective + than + noun (object).

What is the degree adjective of fast?

fast ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌ ​adjective. UK /fɑːst/ fast adverb. fast verb. fast noun.

Is very comparative or superlative?

We can use very before superlative adjectives that end in -est (including best and worst), but we don’t use it before superlatives which use the most, we usually use by far: Kristin is the very oldest child in the class. This is the very lowest price I can offer.

What are some examples of comparative and superlative adjectives?

Examples of comparative and superlative adjectives in a sentence: 1) I think Lisa is shorter than Pam. 2) Of all the boys, Paul runs the fastest. 3) In the music show, the horns were the loudest instruments. 4) I think my sister is prettier than I am. 5) Jordan is a better mathematician…

What is a comparative and superlative adverb?

Adjectives and Adverbs Comparatives and superlatives are types of adjectives and adverbs that are used to compare two or more things or people. Comparative means to compare one thing to another. Comparative adjectives and adverbs compare two things or people. Superlative means to the highest degree or the most.

What is an example of a superlative form?

Superlative is a grammar term used for an adjective or adverb that expresses the greatest degree. An example of a superlative is the “greatest” or “smartest,” both of which express the highest degree.