What is a Klar?

clear, clearly, plain, understood, sure.

What is the meaning of the German word Alles klar?

“alles klar” can be phrased as a question and mean “is everything clear” like u/solongsofa already said. It can also mean as much as “got it” and “everything’s alright” even though you would rather say “alles in ordnung” or “alles ok” to express the last one.

What is German slang?

More German words for slang. der Slang noun. slang. der Jargon noun. jargon, lingo, cant.

What does the German word rude mean?

1. (= impolite, bad-mannered) unhöflich ; (stronger) unverschämt ; (= rough, uncouth) grob.

What is Klar MX?

Klar is a digital financial services platform allowing users to manage their money in a secure and personalized way from their smartphone. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. 51-100. Series B. www.klar.mx.

How do you use na klar?

How is it used? This phrase is as an agreement to a question. For example, “Kommst du zu meinem Brunch am Samstag? Na klar!” (“Are you coming to my brunch on Saturday?

How do you respond to Alles klar?

You/you, too/how about(with)you?” Thanks. Ja. / Ja, alles klar.

What language is Alles klar?

alles klar – translated from German to English.

What are some German curse words?

Single-Word Swears

German English equivalent Literal meaning
Schlampe b*tch wh*re
Fotze cnt/motherfcker
Miststück btch/bstard rascal
verdammt godd*mmit

What is the longest word in German?

The longest word in the standard German dictionary is Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung – which is the word for motor vehicle liability insurance. But at 36 letters, it’s rather puny.

Do Germans say alles gut?

In this episode: “Alles gut.” is a really common expression in colloquial German. Today, we’ll explore all the contexts in which we can use it – with plenty of examples.

How do you use Alles klar?

Those expressions are used quite a bit in Germany – you’re right!

  1. “Alles klar” can be either used as a greeting or a statement/confirmation.
  2. Greeting: Alles klar bei dir? or Alles klar? – Everything ok (with you)?
  3. Statement/confirmation: Alles klar. –
  4. “Alles gut” is mostly used as a greeting (similar to “Alles klar”):