What is a female aardvark called?

What is a female aardvark called?

Common Names: The name Aardvark comes from South Africa’s Afrikaans language and means ‘earth pig’ or ‘ground pig’. Aardvarks are also known as ‘antbears’, ‘Cape anteater’ and ‘earth hogs’. A male aardvark is called a boar, the female a a sow, and the young is called a pup.

Is aardvark other name for anteater?

Aardvark is not another name for an anteater. Both animals share similar facial features and eating habits, but are otherwise different. Aardvarks live all around Africa while anteaters like in South and Central America.

What family is an aardvark?


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What’s a baby aardvark called?

Female aardvarks have a gestation of seven months and give birth to one young at a time. Babies are called calves or cubs. Cubs weigh around 4.4 lbs. (2 kg) when they are born.

Are aardvarks blind?

As night falls, aardvarks will emerge cautiously from their dens, jumping around on the lookout for predators. They are able to see at night, but otherwise have poor vision and are color-blind. They rely on their senses of sound and smell, using their long ears and snouts to get around and find insects.

What is an ant eater called?

Families. Cyclopedidae. Myrmecophagidae. Anteater is a common name for the four extant mammal species of the suborder Vermilingua (meaning “worm tongue”) commonly known for eating ants and termites.

Are aardvarks marsupials?

Classification. The Aardvark is the only surviving member of the family Orycteropodidae and of the order Tubulidentata. For the same reason, Aardvarks bear a striking first-glance resemblance to the marsupial bandicoots, bilbies, and numbats of Australasia, which are not placental mammals at all.

Is aardvark a rat?

Aardvarks are mammals that look like they were made from parts of other animals. An aardvark has a long snout that ends with a pig-like nose, rabbit-like ears and a tail similar to a kangaroo’s.

Are there aardvarks in North America?

The North American aardvark is a species of aardvark that lives in deserts, scrublands, savannahs, grasslands, forests, cities, towns, urban areas, and suburbs of North America. Unlike other aardvark species, they tolerate well with human activities. It is an insectivore.

What is a aardvark animals?

aardvark, (Orycteropus afer), also called antbear, stocky African mammal found south of the Sahara Desert in savanna and semiarid areas. The name aardvark—Afrikaans for “earth pig”—refers to its piglike face and burrowing habits.

What does Aardvark mean?

Definition of aardvark : a large burrowing nocturnal mammal (Orycteropus afer) of sub-Saharan Africa that has a long snout, extensible tongue, powerful claws, large ears, and heavy tail and feeds especially on termites and ants : a large African animal that has a long nose and that eats ants and other insects

What do Aardvark eat?

Aardvark Facts Aardvarks can live up to 23 years old. A female aardvark has one baby each year. The baby stays with its mother until it is about 6 months old. Aardvarks burrow under the ground to stay out of the heat during the day. The favourite food of an aardvark is termites. Aardvarks can eat up to 60 thousand termites a day! Aardvarks are good swimmers.

What is a male aardvark called?

A male aardvark is called a: boar. So next time you see a male aardvark, don’t call him a man aardvark! Although people understand what you mean, it would be more correct to call him a boar.

How long do aardvarks live?

Aardvark facts and information: Type: Mammal. Diet: Omnivore . Average lifespan in captivity: 23 years. Size: Head and body, 43 to 53 in (109 to 135 cm); Tail, 21 to 26 in (53 to 66 cm) Weight: 110 to 180 lbs (50 to 82 kg) The Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) is a medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa.