What is a better word for show?

What is a better word for show?

Some common synonyms of show are display, exhibit, expose, flaunt, and parade.

What is another word for show or display?

Some common synonyms of display are exhibit, expose, flaunt, parade, and show.

What is the another word for showing?

What is another word for showing?

demonstration performance
production staging
televising exhibition
playing show
exhibit screening

What is mean by showing?

1a : an act or an instance of putting something (such as an artist’s work) on view : display. b : the presentation of a motion picture. c : show sense 5 fashion showings.

What is another word for shows us?

What is another word for show us?

identify highlight
emphasizeUS mention
spotlight advert
denote designate
reveal show

What is the antonyms of display?

display. Antonyms: hide, conceal, dissemble, simulate, suppress, wrap, cloke. Synonyms: show, exhibit, unfold, evidence, evince, flaunt, vault, expose, ostentation, spread out, parade.

What is the word meaning of displayed?

1, 2. Display, evince, exhibit, manifest mean to show or bring to the attention of another or others. To display is literally to spread something out so that it may be most completely and favorably seen: to display goods for sale. To exhibit is to display something in a show: to exhibit the best flowers.

What to say instead of show me?

Synonyms & Antonyms of show-me

  • disbelieving,
  • distrustful,
  • doubting,
  • incredulous,
  • mistrustful,
  • negativistic,
  • questioning,
  • skeptical,

What is the root word for showing?

Old English sceawian “to look at, see, gaze, behold, observe; inspect, examine; look for, choose,” from Proto-Germanic *skauwojan (source also of Old Saxon skauwon “to look at,” Old Frisian skawia, Dutch schouwen, Old High German scouwon “to look at”), from Proto-Germanic root *skau- “behold, look at,” from PIE *skou-.

What type of word is show?

verb (used with object), showed, shown or showed, show·ing. to cause or allow to be seen; exhibit; display. to present or perform as a public entertainment or spectacle: to show a movie.

What is the synonym of explain?

synonyms for explain

  • analyze.
  • define.
  • describe.
  • disclose.
  • expound.
  • illustrate.
  • read.
  • reveal.

How do you say this quote shows?

What is another way to say this quote shows?

  1. this demonstrates.
  2. this illustrates.
  3. this suggests.
  4. this indicates.
  5. this proves.
  6. this displays.
  7. this implies. v.
  8. this portrays.

What are some synonyms for the word show?

show(verb) give evidence of, as of records. “The diary shows his distress that evening”. Synonyms: demonstrate, express, usher, demo, testify, evince, designate, record, evidence, show up, prove, read, bear witness, depict, shew, indicate, present, exhibit, establish, register, render, point, picture.

What are some synonyms for display?

display, show(noun) something intended to communicate a particular impression. “made a display of strength”; “a show of impatience”; “a good show of looking interested”. Synonyms: appearance, show, presentation, video display, exhibit, showing.

What is an antonym for show?

show(v) Synonyms: exhibit, present, demonstrate, unfold, reveal, teach, inform, conduct, manifest, evince, evidence, prove, explain. Antonyms: conceal, suppress, hide, withhold, obscure, mystify, wrap, misdemonstrate, misdeclare, contradict, refute, deny, disprove, misinterpret, falsify, misexplain.

Is shown synonym?

There are many synonyms for the word shown such as displayed, visible, verified, revealed, appeared, demonstrate, ubdisguised, vision, sight, open up, viewed, illustrate, clear, proved, exhibited and many more.