What happens if aliens ever come to Earth?

What happens if aliens ever come to Earth?

If an alien species were ever to visit us, the same thing might happen, but on a global scale. After all, if an intelligent species is capable of interstellar flight and reaching Earth from a faraway star system, then you can be sure they’re likely thousands of years ahead of us in technological terms.

What are the signs of an alien abduction?

These include missing time, physical signs like cuts or implants, waking up in a different place than you went to sleep, and many others. In this article, I’ll explain what an alien abduction is, the different parts of a typical alien abduction experience, and possible signs of an alien abduction.

Are there any proof that there are aliens?

It is not only UFOs that have been captured by cameras throughout the world. There are many aliens as well who have been captured behind the lenses and these stunning pictures do confirm that aliens are pretty much there and they visit out planet more frequently we believed them to be doing.

Why are we obsessed with gold and aliens?

Believe it or not, humanity’s obsession with gold could be rooted in ancient memory. Zecharia Sitchin, the author who originally made the “Ancient Aliens” theory famous, proposed that an ancient race of extra-terrestrials called the Annunaki influenced all world religions.

What happens if a superior being comes to Earth?

Welch assumes that if a superior being came to Earth, it would present itself in a way we could understand or recognize, so he describes how he imagines the inside of the alien spacecraft might smell, look, or feel in a way that feels familiar and yet completely foreign. Alien beings would bring so much uncertainty to anxious earthlings.

When did the aliens come to the Americas?

As a result, they took to the oceans, virtually stumbling upon the Americas in 1492. The technological difference between the Native Americans and the “alien” Europeans was, at best, a few centuries apart. But that small difference proved fatal for the natives.

Is it true that intelligent life has come to Earth?

To be clear, intelligent life has not yet come to Earth. But in the new film The Visit, you can play out the scenario to see what might happen if they were to do so. Part documentary and part science fiction, this film is about an event that hasn’t happened yet.