What happened in chapter 10 of Freak the Mighty?

What happened in chapter 10 of Freak the Mighty?

In Chapter 10 of the Rodman Philbrick novel Freak the Mighty, Kevin takes Max on a treasure hunt. Little did they know that it would lead to saving a ”damsel in distress. Freak tells Max that he has identified treasure in the storm drain.

Where is the treasure hidden in Freak the Mighty?

This quest, a treasure hunt, will take place in the middle of the night. They must dress in all black. The treasure, Freak tells Max, is hidden in a storm drain. At 3 a.m., Max pulls Freak out of his bedroom window.

Where do Freak and Max go on their quest Chapter 10?

Before Max can think too much about this, Freak shows up with a Quest. He’s found something in a storm drain nearby, and they decide to wait for the cover of darkness to go find it.

What did Freak and Max decide to do with the purse they found in the drain?

What did they do with the treasure? Freak and Max went over Loretta Lee’s house and gave the purse back to her.

Where do Freak and Max go on their quest Chapter 9?

1) What is the destination of Freak the Mighty in Chapter 9? Their destination in chapter 9 was a medical research facility. Kevin called it a “fortress”.

What happened in chapter 11 of Freak the Mighty?

In Chapter 11 of Freak the Mighty, Kevin and Max travel to the New Tenements to deliver the purse to the damsel in distress. Tenements are run-down, overcrowded apartments in the poor section of the city. Everyone in town calls the New Tenements the New Testaments. Testaments are a covenant between God and man.

Why did Max refer to Loretta as a damsel who caused distress?

Why did Max refer to Loretta as “a damsel who caused distress”? When Max and Freak went to return the purse, Loretta was not appreciative, and she and her husband Iggy made fun of them. Thus, they referred to her as a “damsel who caused distress.”

What does freak tell Max about his father’s leaving after he was born?

What does Freak tell Max about his father’s leaving after he was born? “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” “It does not matter; the Fair Gwen and I make out fine without him.”

Does Max have dyslexia in Freak the Mighty?

He is also very insecure about himself. He usually calls himself a “butthead” and is never confident. Until Freak comes along, Max cannot read or write.

How does Loretta recognize Max and Kevin?

How does Loretta recognize Max and Kevin? She knew their parents and remembers when they were born. What does Iggy mean when he says “life ain’t life”?

What does grim Call Killer Kane?

In Chapter 21 of Rodman Philbrick’s teen novel, Freak the Mighty, Max’s grandfather explains to the boy that Killer Kane was ” ‘an accident of nature. ‘ ” Grandfather Grim tells Max that all he got from his father was ” ‘your looks and your size.

Where does Freak take Max in chapter 9 and why is this place important to him?

He tells Max, “Inside the research building is a secret laboratory called The Experimental Bionics Unit. The unit’s mission is to develop a new form of bionic robot for human modification” (51). At first, Max doesn’t quite understand what Kevin is talking about, nor does he really believe him.

How many people can keep a secret for a long time?

This has to do with the simple fact that a certain number of people can only keep a secret for a set amount of time. Dr. David Grimes believes his formula for figuring this out works, and is basically this: a secret that would last over a century can be kept by no more than 125 people.

Who is Max Ernest in the secret series?

Max-Ernest is an active member of the Terces Society, a clandestine society founded by the Jester to protect the unveiling of the Secret, which was rumored to reveal the secret to immortality, a power the Midnight Sun thirsts for and spends every day of their lives deviously plotting to reach.

Why is Max so interested in Freak The Mighty?

Through storytelling, Freak is able to turn ordinary or mundane activities, like walking down the sidewalk or through a neighborhood, into something magical. Max loves spending time like this with Freak because it begins to show him the power of imagination and of storytelling.

Why does Max want to isolate himself from the world?

While not necessarily a sign of depression or suicidal tendencies, he does have a particularly strong desire to isolate himself from the world. When one of the Nurf copies opens the door and drains the water from his tank, Max is left laying on the ground saying, “So this is the feeling that drives murderers over the edge.”