What final means?

What final means?

1a : not to be altered or undone all sales are final. b : of or relating to a concluding court action or proceeding final decree. 2 : coming at the end : being the last in a series, process, or progress the final chapter final exams.

What is the meaning of Final answer?

A definitive answer is a final one. A definitive decision by a court of law is one that will not be changed. A definitive translation is one everyone turns to as correct. Definitive means authoritative, conclusive, final.

What kind of word is final?

final used as an adjective: last; ultimate (e.g. final solution) word-final, occurring at the end of a word.

What does final mean in math?

the last of something
Final is defined as the last of something, or a test at the end of a class. An example of a final is the last math test of a school year. noun. 1.

What is the noun form of final?

final ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌

singular final
plural finals

What does definite decision mean?

1 adj If something such as a decision or an arrangement is definite, it is firm and clear, and unlikely to be changed.

Is Unqualification a word?

noun. The state or quality of being unqualified; lack of qualification.

What is the verb of final?

finalize. (transitive) To make final or firm; to finish or complete.

What is a final in school?

A final examination, annual, exam, final interview, or simply final, is a test given to students at the end of a course of study or training. Although the term can be used in the context of physical training, it most often occurs in the academic world.

What is true final class?

What is true of final class? Explanation: Final class cannot be inherited. This helps when we do not want classes to provide extension to these classes. Since there is no such concept as ‘subpackage’ or ‘package-inheritance’ in Java, declaring class protected or package-private would be the same thing.

What does the term well grounded mean?

adjective. based on good reasons; well-founded: His opposition to the scheme is well-grounded. well or thoroughly instructed in the basic principles of a subject: She is well-grounded in mathematics.

What does final say mean?

have the final say 1. To say the final words in an argument or discussion, especially ones that decisively or conclusively end it. 2. To have the authority to decide how something ultimately happens or is done.

What does the name final mean?

1. pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time. 2. ultimate: the final goal. 3. conclusive or decisive: a final decision. 4. constituting the end or purpose: a final result. 5. Law. precluding further controversy on the questions passed upon: a final decree.

Does final mean final?

the final part of a syllable, the combination of medial and rime in phonetics and phonology. Respecting an end or object to be gained; respecting the purpose or ultimate end in view word-final, occurring at the end of a word. pertaining to the end or conclusion; last; terminating; ultimate; as, the final day of a school term

What is the meaning of finally?

Definition of finally. 1 : after a prolonged time : at the end of period of time Two hours later, the train finally arrived. He finally got around to calling.