What does the Spirit Bear mean to Cole?

What does the Spirit Bear mean to Cole?

The Spirit Bear that lives on the Alaskan island where Cole is sent symbolizes the power, beauty, and danger of the natural world—as well as Cole’s changing relationship to the natural world.

What does the Spirit Bear do when Cole charges him?

The Spirit Bear crushes Cole the way Cole did Peter. The bear slams him and shows no mercy to Cole.

What lesson did Cole learn from the eagle?

The eagle dance helps Cole resolve his negative attitude through physical exercise and self-reflection.

What does the beaver teach Cole?

Cole’s encounter with the beaver helps him learn stillness and trust. Now he’s ready to meet the Spirit Bear once again. Cole relinquishes his anger and carves a bear totem on the pole.

What lesson did Cole learn while living on the island?

Lesson Summary Through suffering, loneliness, and the power of rituals, he learns how his anger has contributed to his violent behavior. Cole learns to control that anger, and in doing so, he learns how to take responsibility for his actions and care for others.

What lesson does Cole learn from the wolf dance?

He does the wolf dance alone, and learns that he needs others’ help, like a wolf pack. The next morning, Cole goes to the pool alone and feels calm after his soak. When he works with the rock, he finds he is able to let go of his anger and blame along with the rock.

What did the beaver teach Cole?

What did Cole learn from the anger dance?

What does cole tell Edwin he learned from the anger dance? Cole learned to forgive. He says, “Being angry is giving someone else control of my feelings so they own me. Forgiving gives me control again.

What did Cole learn from the Spirit Bear dance?

pg. 181 He learned that wanted to stay part of this animal in his mind: strong, proud, and seeing everything in life differently from a distance. pg. 186 He learned that this animal is patient, persistent, and ingenious, as well as powerful.

What lesson about forgiveness does Touching Spirit Bear teach us?

What lesson about forgiveness does Touching Spirit Bear teach us? The most important lesson I found in this book is that how we learn to forgive others. The book shows us that you must forgive yourself in order to move on with yourself. In the book we learn that Peter was an important part of Cole’s journey.

What important lesson does Cole learn about controlling anger?

Why is forgiveness important in Touching Spirit Bear?

The theme is the importance of forgiveness. Forgiveness is important in this novel because Cole has to forgive his parents, Peter has to forgive him, and he has to forgive himself. The novel’s events occur because Cole is an angry young man. His father is abusive and his mother is alcoholic.

Why does Cole attack the spirit bear?

Cole attacks the Spirit Bear because to “attack” those things he fears is what he’s done all of his life. He’s never been afraid of anything before; he’s always been the antagonist rather than the protagonist….. and now the tables are turned.

What are facts about Cole Matthews in touching spririt bear?

As penance for assaulting a boy named Peter,Cole Matthews is sent to an island,where he must survive on his own for one year.

  • Cole struggles to survive. He begins seeing a large white bear,called Spirit Bear.
  • Cole is rescued,but his wounds leave him permanently disabled.
  • Cole returns to the island,accompanied by Peter.
  • Who was Cole character in Touching Spirit Bear story?

    Cole Matthews is the main character in Touching Spirit Bear, and the story is all about his own journey as he lives on a remote Alaskan island in order to try to atone for his crimes. Even though Cole is a bit of a bad boy (well, he’s a criminal), he’s not beyond hope. In going to the island and getting in touch with nature, Cole eventually comes to realize that he’s responsible for all the bad things he’s done-and that he must make amends in order to build a brighter future for himself.

    What is the plot of Touching Spirit Bear?

    This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen . Touching Spirit Bear is a coming-of-age novel by Bolivian-American author Ben Mikaelson. It focuses on a teenager named Cole Matthews, who severely injures another boy, Peter Driscal, in a parking-lot altercation.