What does the brother teach Doodle?

What does the brother teach Doodle?

mwestwood, M.A. The narrator/brother teaches Doodle to walk because Doodle will soon start school, and he is afraid that Doodle will embarrass him terribly there. On the day that Doodle demonstrates his accomplishment, the brother cries in shame when complimented because his motivation was entirely selfish.

What does the older brother admit about his treatment to Doodle?

The older brother does have some good qualities, he is not evil and incessantly mean to Doodle, but he does admit that he was mean to him sometimes. He does take Doodle to see the beauty of Old Woman Swamp, so he does try to give his younger brother some good experiences.

What does brother learn in scarlet ibis?

Brother learns to appreciate others, treat people with respect and compassion, and acknowledge the uniqueness in every individual. In “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst, the story’s point of view is frist person with the older brother as the narrator.

What motivates brother to help Doodle learn to walk?

When he teaches five-year-old Doodle to walk, the brother is mainly motivated to do so because he is “embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn’t walk.” So, he insists that Doodle learns to walk, “hauling” his brother up each time that he falls until the boy succeeds.

What do the narrator and Doodle lose by being brothers?

What do the narrator and Doodle lose, or sacrifice, by being brothers, and what do they gain? Doodle died; the narrator lost faith in himself. They both gained companionship. Doodle walked; the narrator gained satisfaction.

What was Doodle better at than his brother?

The one thing that Doodle had that his brother didn’t was compassion. He showed so much compassion for life in this story. That was the one thing Brother never really had. Everything he had Doodle work for was out of selfish reasons and his pride.

Does Brother really love Doodle in scarlet ibis?

Brother says, “I began to weep . . . [and] it seemed forever, I lay there crying, sheltering my fallen scarlet ibis from the heresy of rain.” From this it is clear that Brother loves Doodle, but while he was alive, Brother did not appreciate him for his companionship and brotherly love.

How does the older brother’s pride get in the way of helping Doodle?

The narrator’s pride is linked to his shame and embarrassment over his younger brother’s disabilities. The older brother’s want for pride keeps him pushing his disabled brother for life. Doodle wishes for his brother not to leave him unstable for his life.

Why does Doodle cry when his family congratulates him?

Why does the narrator cry when everyone congratulates him for teaching Doodle too walk? The narrator is crying because he is proud that Doodle can walk, and that he was the one who helped him how to walk.

Why is brother mean to Doodle?

Brother is kind to Doodle because he taught him how to walk and run, but he is also cruel to Doodle because he made him work until he could not move anymore; that is how he died. Doodle reacts to the death of the scarlet ibis by being very sad. Doodle buried him in the yard.

What did Doodle’s brother make doodle do?

Brother made Doodle do things out of cruelty, resentment, pride, and selfishness. Brother did not take pride in Doodle’s accomplishments. He took pride in being such a good teacher.

Why did Doodle clung to his brother in the scarlet ibis?

Traumatized, Doodle clung to his brother. “Don’t leave me,” he cried. Brother later called his meanness “a knot of cruelty.” Because Brother was embarrassed by Doodle, he set out to teach Doodle to walk before school started.

What was the narrator’s response to doodle’s death?

The narrator’s response to Doodle’s death at the end of the story shows that he has come to appreciate his brother for what he is, but he recognizes that he has taken this for granted for far too long. What role does Aunt Nicey serve in this story? Aunt Nicey seems like a minor character at first glance, but she actually serves an important role.

Why was Doodle expected to die at a young age?

Doodle was expected to die from a very young age, so clearly his body was frail and fragile. It was impossible for the narrator to know exactly how much was too much, since Doodle had been able to learn to walk and looked like he could do anything he tried to.