What does small in scale mean?

What does small in scale mean?

Limited in scope or extent; modest. A small-scale plan. adjective. 1. Drawn to a small scale and showing few details.

What is another word for small scale?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for small-scale, like: minor, small, pocket-size, , agro-processing, smallholder, modest, pocket-sized, , commercial-scale and large-scale.

What is a small scale map?

A ‘small’ scale map is one in which a given part of the Earth is represented by a small area on the map. Small scale maps generally show less detail than large scale maps, but cover large parts of the Earth. For example, a 1:10,000-scale map is said to have a larger scale than a 1:100,000-scale map.

What is small scale manufacturing?

Small scale production refers to the production of a commodity with a small plant size firm. It requires less amount of capital and is labor intensive in nature. The investment in machinery is lower when compared to large scale units.

What are small scale techniques?

Small-scale techniques mean a slight of chemicals that provide to the shelter or precautions of the experiments performed. Instead of using vast beaker of chemical, mini scale technique utilizes some nuance quantities of chemical and scaled-do… Transcribed image text: Exercise 3 1.

How do you say on a smaller scale?

on a small scale

  1. kind of.
  2. lightly.
  3. marginally.
  4. somewhat.
  5. hardly.
  6. imperceptibly.
  7. more or less.
  8. pretty.

What type of business is small scale?

Best Profitable Small-Scale Industries in India

  • Cake Baking Business:
  • Candle Making Manufacturing Business:
  • Pickles:
  • Incense Sticks or Agarbattis and Camphors:
  • Handmade Chocolates:
  • Papad and Other Roasted/Fried Snacks:
  • Jute Bags:
  • Organic Soaps:

What is the smallest scale map?

The 1:1,000,000 map would usually be called a small scale map. This is true even though the 1:1,000,000 map would show a much larger area than the 1:1200 map. Here is a rule of thumb for size of scale by RF: Size of Scale.

What map has the smallest scale?


Term The science of mapmaking is Definition cartography
Term 1:2400 is what kind of scale? Definition ratio scale
Term What map has the smallest scale? Definition a world map
Term The system of transferring locations from a globe to a map is called Definition projection

What is small scale industry example?

Some examples of small scale industries are: Agarbatti making, Chalk making, Biodiesel production, Sugar candy manufacturing, Wood making, Rice mill, Potato chips making, Toys making, Microbrewery, Liquid soap making, Honey processing, Slippers making, Detergent powder making, Fruit juice production plant, Spices …

What is small scale manufacturing class 9?

a. Small scale manufacturing in Palampur involved production on a small scale by using simple methods . The production work was mostly carried out by family members themselves unlike big manufacturing outlets in towns where laborers are hired in huge number.

What is small-scale chemistry?

Small-Scale Chemistry involves the use of non-traditional methods, apparatus, and techniques that have been developed in microbiology, molecular biology, and nano-technology research. A scaling down of chemical reagents to volumes and masses one thousand times smaller than those used in traditional labs.

Which is the best definition of small scale?

Definition of small-scale 1 : small in scope especially : small in output or operation 2 of a map : having a scale (such as one inch to 25 miles) that permits plotting of comparatively little detail and shows mainly large features

Which is the smallest scale for micro armor?

These are typically full-hull models that are substantially more detailed than 1:700 waterline models. A scale closely associated with 1:285 scale. The smallest scale commonly used for micro armor. “6 mm figure scale ” for miniature wargaming . A scale for aircraft and rockets.

Which is the smallest scale for a train?

Where scale represents a model’s size compared to the real thing, gauge represents the distance between the rails. Model Railroading takes place in many scales. The most popular have been labeled N, HO, O, and G. Of the four listed, N is the smallest and G is the largest.