What does Jim Belushi do for a living now?

What does Jim Belushi do for a living now?

Jim now owns and operates Belushi’s Farm, a cannabis farm in Oregon. It is the subject of a new TV show chronicling his new venture into legal cannabis farming. “Growing Belushi” premiered Wednesday night on Discovery.

Are Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd friends?

Dan, still a close friend of Jim’s (they sing in the Blues Brothers Band together) recently introduced him to the man himself; soon, a working relationship took root. “Captain Jack has been growing that strain for 40 years. Aykroyd, Belushi says, summed it up best: “If Johnny was a pot-head, he’d be alive today.”

How much did Jim Belushi make for According to Jim?

The tale of how Jim Belushi went from one of Hollywood’s top-earning actors — at his peak, he was making $500,000 an episode on According to Jim, which ran for eight seasons on ABC — to Southern Oregon pot farmer begins with a baptism.

Are John and Jim Belushi brothers?

Jim Belushi
Billy Belushi
John Belushi/Brothers

Why did Courtney leave According to Jim?

In the second installment, Jim starts looking for a new best friend for his wife, Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith), who is bummed that her sister Dana (Kimberly Williams- Paisley) has moved away. In real life, Williams-Paisley decided to leave the show to devote her time to motherhood.

What drugs did John Belushi do?

In 1982, Belushi died from combined drug intoxication possibly caused by Cathy Smith, who injected him with a mixture of heroin and cocaine known as a speedball at the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, California.

Was Belushi married?

Judith Belushi Pisanom. 1976–1982
John Belushi/Spouse

How old is Ruby from According to Jim?


Portrayed by Taylor Atelian
Date of Birth 1996
Age 25

Is Jim Belushi married?

Jennifer Sloanm. 1998–2018
Marjorie Bransfieldm. 1990–1992Sandra Davenportm. 1980–1988
Jim Belushi/Spouse
Jim Belushi and his wife, Jennifer Sloan, are calling it quits after 23 years. The “Saturday Night Live” and “According to Jim” actor and comedian, 67, filed for divorce Friday in Los Angeles from Sloan, according to legal documents obtained by USA TODAY.

What killed Belushi?

March 5, 1982
John Belushi/Date of death

How long was Belushi married?

Judith and John both attended Wheaton Central High School in the 1960s. The two began dating while Judith was a sophomore and John was a senior. After they both graduated, they moved to New York City together to chase John’s dreams of stardom. They were married from 1976 until Belushi’s death in 1982.

Who is Jim Belushi son?

Robert Belushi
Jared James Belushi
Jim Belushi/Sons