What does Alice realize when she gets to the garden door?

What does Alice realize when she gets to the garden door?

Even though she’s confused about her identity, she knows that she must find a way out of the well and back to the world aboveground. Alice realizes that the fanning motion causes her to shrink, so she fans herself down to a size that will allow her to fit through the door.

What did Alice find at the doorway?

When Alice opened the door, she found a beautiful garden. It was the most beautiful garden that Alice had seen in her life. There were various coloured flowers in the garden.

What events happened in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Story Timeline

  • Alice goes down the rabbit hole.
  • Alice fails to get into the special garden.
  • Alice drinks a mystery drink and shrinks.
  • Alice eats a cake and grows large.
  • Alice cries and makes a pool of tears in the room.
  • Alice fans herself with the White Rabbit’s fan and shrinks again.

What happens to the baby after Alice takes it outside?

Upon finishing, she flings the baby at Alice and hurries out of the room to prepare for croquet with the Queen. Alice takes the baby outside, only to discover that it is a pig. After she lets the pig toddle off, she encounters the Cheshire Cat again, grinning broadly as it rests on the bough of a tree.

What did Alice do after this?

(c) What did Alice do after this? Answer: After this, Alice saw a box of cake under the table and ate a slice of it.

Why did Alice run after the rabbit?

Explanation: Alice runs away from the Victorian world of her sister because she feels unfulfilled, but she quickly discovers that Wonderland will not fulfill any of her desires. Wonderland thwarts her expectations at every turn. The Rabbit represents this motif of frustrated desire.

What does the White Rabbit pull out of his waistcoat pocket when Alice first sees him running past?

Alice sits drowsily by a riverbank, bored by the book her older sister reads to her. Out of nowhere, a White Rabbit runs past her, fretting that he will be late. The Rabbit pulls a watch out of his waistcoat pocket and runs across the field and down a hole.

How does Alice and Wonderland End?

Well, OK, there’s not a literal thump – at the end of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the playing cards throwing themselves at Alice turn to dead leaves falling on her face as she sleeps under a tree next to her sister, and at the end of Through the Looking-Glass, Alice shakes the Red Queen into her black kitten …

What happens to Alice after she follows the rabbit?

The rabbit-hole suddenly goes straight down and Alice falls into it. She falls very slowly and while she is talking to herself she falls asleep. When she turns the corner the Rabbit is gone and Alice finds herself in a long, low hall, with doors all round it. She tries them, but they are all locked.

What happened when Alice jumped to approach the witness box during the trial?

Alice jumps to the White Rabbit’s call to the stand. She forgets that she has grown larger and knocks over the jury stand, then scrambles to put all of the jurors back.

What happened to the caterpillar after he told Alice about the mushroom?

The Caterpillar crawls away in a huff, but not before telling Alice that eating one side of the mushroom will make her grow larger and eating the other side will make her grow smaller. Alice tastes the right-hand portion of the mushroom and shrinks.

What strange things did Alice See answer?

What strange things did Alice see? Ans- Alice saw a strange rabbit, very deep rabbit hole, a small door and the loveliest garden.

What did Alice do with the Golden Key in Wonderland?

Alice figures that the golden key may open one of the doors and tries it on every door, but the key did not fit any of them. She then noticed a low curtain she had not seen before, and behind it was an extremely small door. Using the key, she unlocks the door to reveal that it leads into an extremely beautiful garden.

How did Alice in Wonderland get into the garden?

After wondering if it was alright to drink from the bottle, Alice drinks all of the bottle’s contents and finds herself shrinking down to ten inches high- the right size to get through the little door and into the lovely garden. Alice then tries to open the little door to get into the garden, but recalls that the the little door is locked again.

Why was Alice sad when she found herself in the Great Hall?

A ND so, after Alice had tumbled down the rabbit-hole, and had run a long long way underground, all of a sudden she found herself in a great hall, with doors all round it. But all the Doors were locked: so, you see, poor Alice couldn’t get out of the hall: and that made her very sad.

What happens to Bill in Alice in Wonderland?

As Bill slides down the chimney, Alice kicks him out with her foot, shooting him up into the sky. Outside, Alice hears the voices of animals that have gathered to gawk at her giant arm. The crowd hurls pebbles at her, which turn into little cakes. When Alice nibbles the cakes, she suddenly shrinks down again.