What do you need to know about GCSS Army?

What do you need to know about GCSS Army?

GCSS-Army is an integrated system where users with access and permissions can login and perform their business area missions regardless of their position in the modular structure or location throughout the world. What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Can a GCSS Army be used for reconciliation?

No. GCSS-Army is an integrated solution, which eliminates the need for reconciliations. GCSS-Army users will enjoy shared information to include status of open requisitions, called “Purchase Orders” in GCSS-Army. Why do I receive an error when trying to upload the XML file?

When did the 916th support brigade receive GCSS training?

I n August 2011, the 916th Support Brigade received training from Global Combat Support System–Army (GCSS–Army) master trainers as part of the ongoing operational test of GCSS–Army.

How does materiel management support the SSA process?

Another tool that helps materiel managers support the SSA is planned delivery time analysis, which calcu- lates customer wait time (CWT) and, more specifically, requisition wait time (RWT), by sorting and analyzing data by a single materiel, or stock, number. This is the first change to the process for calculating CWT and RWT in more than 30 years.

How to print a work order in GCSS-Army?

The unit has to print the work order by going to the Equipment Situation Report and select the equipment needing repair, then select orders, select the work order tied to the equipment in question, go to the menu bar and select orders, select print and take the printed work order to the maintenance support facility that’s not in GCSS-Army.

How do I get my GCSS-Army account unlocked?

How do I get my GCSS-Army account unlocked? Contact your AA in order to have your account unlocked. If your AA can’t unlock your account, you will need to submit a Help Desk Ticket (HDT). I logged…

What is the GCSS-Army internal communications network?

The GCSS-Army internal communications network consisting of an EMAIL capability and a WORKFLOW messaging structure. The WORKFLOW process is used to send transactions to Materiel Managers for review.

Can a global screen layout be used for?

However, you can use a global screen layout to create your own user-specific screen layout, which you can change andsave for future use.