What do the boys find when they return to church?

What do the boys find when they return to church?

When they return, they see that the church has caught fire. It is unknown what caused the fire. Some say that some kids played with a match or that it was a cigarette that Johnny or Ponyboy didn’t put out. Johnny and Ponyboy help to save some schoolchildren from the burning church.

What is happening to the church when they return?

What happened when Johnny, Pony, and Dally returned to the church? The church is on fire. And they save some kids from the fire. Johnny says this to Ponyboy as Ponyboy is reading Gone With the Wind.

What happened to the church when the boys came back from Dairy Queen?

What had happened to the church to the church while the three Greasers went to the Dairy Queen? The church caught on fire.

What is happening at the church when they return describe what they do about it the outsiders?

Describe what they do about it. The whole church is burning in flames. There was a class of little kids having a picnic when it started on fire. Johnny and Pony went running into the flames to rescue the kids trapped inside.

What started the church fire in the outsiders?

The church fire happens in chapter 5 when one of the cigarettes that Ponyboy and Johnny leave in the church catches fire. The problem is that children on a school trip have gone to explore the church and end up trapped inside the burning building.

What happens at the abandoned church in the outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Ponyboy and Johnny are hiding in the abandoned church because Johnny killed a Soc during a fight. They hear faint yelling from inside, and it is at this time that Ponyboy and Johnny go into the burning church to save the children. Dally soon follows them.

How did the boys find the church in the outsiders?

How did the boys find the church? Dally told them to catch the train and then the farmer gave them directions.

How do Johnny and Ponyboy pass the time?

In an effort to blend in and disguise their appearances, Johnny cuts and bleaches Ponyboy’s hair; Ponyboy in turn cuts Johnny’s hair. Following Dally’s orders, they stay inside the church and pass the time playing poker and reading aloud from Gone with the Wind.

How does Ponyboy locate Jay Mountain?

Ponyboy and Johnny get to Jay Mountain by taking a train to Windrixville and then hiking up the mountain, where they stay in an old abandoned church until Dally comes for them.

What major event happens in the park that is a turning point in the story?

What major event happens in the park that is a turning point in the story? Ponyboy drowns.

Why does Dally hit Ponyboy on the back?

Why does Dally hit Ponyboy across the back? Because if Ponyboy does something wrong social services will take him up, and its his responsibility to take care of him.

How did Ponyboy and Johnny get the kids out of the church?

The kids. The Socs. He and Johnny. Dally. How did Ponyboy and Johnny get the children out of the church? They held the door open for them. They dropped them from a window. They used a ladder to get them out the window. They didn’t get them out of the church.

What happens when Pony and Dally return to the church?

Pony, Dally, and Johnny return to find the church on fire. There is a group of small children on a field trip trapped inside. It’s was on fire and they run in to help save the children inside. the church caught on fire and the boys ran in and saved the children.

Why are there children at the church in Chapter 6?

They needed to get Gone with the Wind. They needed their cigarettes. They were cold. Q. Why are there children at the church in Chapter 6? They are having a picnic. They are going to Sunday school. They are picking flowers. They are looking for Johnny. Q. Who does Ponyboy think started the fire? The kids. The Socs. He and Johnny. Dally.

When do young people stop going to church?

The statistics are jaw-droppingly horrific: 70% of youth stop attending church and start leaving when they graduate from high school. Nearly a decade later, about half return to church.