What do I need to sell food in Houston?

What do I need to sell food in Houston?

Except for private parties and family gatherings, anyone, who sells or serves food (edible products), is required to obtain a food dealer’s permit from the Houston Department of Health and Human Services.

What permits do I need to sell food in Texas?

In Texas, you must get a health permit to operate a food-related business. If the city or county where you operate your business requires a local health permit – and some do – getting a local permit exempts you from the need to get a state-issued health permit.

How do I get a food permit in Houston?

By law, a food establishment must have a permit from Harris County Public Health to operate. To obtain this permit from the Environmental Public Health Division (EPH) of Harris County Public Health, an establishment must complete the Plan Review process for their specific food service operation.

Where can I park my food truck?

The Top Four Places to Park Your Food Truck

  • On the Street. Street parking is the first thing that most people think about when they consider places for food trucks to sell their food.
  • Food Truck Parks.
  • Outside an Office or Business Park.
  • At a Festival or Event.

What certificates do I need to sell food?

You need to acquire a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering certificate if you prepare and distribute the food yourself. Even if you’re selling pre-packaged food from home, it’s still advised that you take Level 2 Food Hygiene training.

Which food Cannot be sold under the cottage food law?

No meat products and no foods that require refrigeration. Some specific examples of foods not allowed are: cheesecake, kombucha, kefir, any beverage, hot meals, pizza, casseroles, tacos, beef jerky, tamales, flan, pumpkin pie, cream pies, meringue pies, ice cream, or popsicles.

How do I get a food handlers license in Texas?

Step 1: Complete the online food handler course on any device in English or Spanish – only 60 minutes! Step 2: Take the food handlers test online, only 70% to Pass. Retake the test for free if you don’t pass. Step 3: Print, download, or mail order your card immediately after completing the program.

Can you put a food truck anywhere?

Can Food Trucks Park Anywhere? Food trucks cannot park anywhere they choose. General rules of the road such as not parking near fire hydrants, bus stops, and crosswalks apply to parking food trucks, but there are also industry specific food truck parking rules operators need to familiarize themselves with.

Can food trucks drive around neighborhoods?

Allow food trucks to operate on residential streets. These prohibitions sometimes are handled by zoning departments, which treat food trucks as if they are opening a permanent store in a neighborhood. They are not.

How do you get a food license?

Obtain and complete a food vendor’s license application from your local health department. You can visit the health department in person to obtain an application. You’ll need the name of your establishment, an address for a permanent kitchen facility and the owner’s personal information.

When must a food business be registered with the local authority?

28 days
You should register your food business at your local authority at least 28 days before opening.

Can I sell food made in my home kitchen?

California home cooks like Akshay Prabhu are excited about the prospect of selling food from their kitchens to supplement their incomes. A new law in California allows home cooks to prepare and sell meals out of their personal digs as of January 1. The Homemade Food Operations Act — signed into law by Gov.

How much is a temporary food establishment permit in Texas?

For further information regarding temporary events in Texas Department of State Health Services, please use the Temporary Food Establishment Fact Sheet and/or Temporary Food Establishment Checklist. Single event permits are $52, and the fee for a multiple event permit is $200.

Who are the food safety inspectors in Houston?

By administering the public health ordinances of the City of Houston and the State of Texas through enforcement and education, our food safety inspectors ensure that the food provided by food service establishments is safe for our families and our community. The Food Safety and Inspection program is part of Bureau of Environmental Health.

What is the purpose of the Food Safety and inspection program?

The Food Safety and Inspection program is part of Bureau of Environmental Health. Along with other programs, our purpose is is to carry out a city-wide program for food safety, to promote health, and to prevent food-borne disease through education, training and regulation.

Where can I get health permit in Houston?

Company check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard and Debit Cards are accepted. (American Express cards are not accepted). If you make payment for any health permits at the Houston permitting center, or on-line, the permits are processed/printed at 8000 North Stadium Drive location only. Pick up in person or receive by mail.