What companies are based in Slough?

What companies are based in Slough?

Major companies with operations in Slough include AkzoNobel, Reckitt Benckiser and telecoms firm Telefonica. It was ranked first place in Glassdoor’s study, with the median salary for jobs posted there coming in at £30,139 ($39,086).

What headquarters are in Slough?

Slough Trading Estate is the largest industrial estate in single private ownership in Europe with over 17,000 jobs in 400 businesses. Blackberry, McAfee, Burger King, DHL and Lego have head offices in the town.

Is slough a bad area?

Slough is the most dangerous major town in Berkshire, and is among the top 5 most dangerous overall out of Berkshire’s 108 towns, villages, and cities. The most common crimes in Slough are violence and sexual offences, with 5,958 offences during 2020, giving a crime rate of 38.

Why is Slough called Slough?

It may have derived from Slow. This was the name of open land in that part of the parish called ‘The Slow Field’, an area distinct from ‘Upton Field’. Verbal evidence documented later referred to the abundance of sloe-bushes in the area.

Is Slough a nice area?

Slough has been named as one of the worst places to live in the country following a recent survey. The Berkshire town has been ranked the 24th worst place to live in England, in a new poll which was conducted by the satirical website ‘I Live Here,’ after a ‘record-breaking’ 125,681 people voted.

Which part of London is Slough?

Located in the South East of England, Slough is close to West London. The town is an important commercial centre servicing the whole of the country and has many international affiliations.

Is Slough good area?

And latest data shows Slough has been ranked as one of the most family-friendly places to live and the best places for outstanding schools, eating out and for young families. Slough has beaten towns such as York for having the most ‘outstanding schools’ and for places to eat out.

What is a person from Slough called?

Slough: Paludians or Sluffs.

What type of town is Slough?

Slough /ˈslaʊ/ is a town and unitary authority (Borough of Slough) in the English county of Berkshire, just to the west of Greater London. Until 1974 the town was in Buckinghamshire.

Is Slough a wealthy area?

As well as being the birthplace of sitcom The Office and the UK home of Burger King , Mars and Lego, Slough is also one of the most affordable places to live in the county, and is just a quick train ride into central London. But like every town, there are affluent parts and not so affluent parts.

Is Slough posh?

Who are the most successful companies in Slough?

Home to many of the world’s most successful companies including Mars, Telefonica O2, Ferrari, UK Mail, Lanes Group and UCB, the estate has developed a reputation as a world class location for business. Slough offers a unique combination of integrated transport options with Central London and Heathrow both less than 20 minutes away.

What was the unemployment rate in Slough in 2017?

Slough’s population is one of the most ethnically diverse in the United Kingdom, attracting people from across the country and the world for labour since the 1920s, which has helped shape it into a major trading centre. In 2017, unemployment stood at 1.4%, one-third the UK average of 4.5%.

Can you get a discount card at Slough Trading Estate?

Anyone working on the Slough Trading Estate can apply for a discount card for free giving you the opportunity to make use of special deals and offers made available by local businesses. Companies located on the Slough Trading Estate can take advantage of a range of offers aimed at making occupying premises easier and more cost effective.

What are the names of the villages in Slough?

The town developed by the expansion and amalgamation of villages along the Great West Road. Over the years Slough has expanded greatly, incorporating a number of different villages. Original villages that are now suburbs of Slough include Chalvey, Cippenham, Colnbrook, Langley, Poyle, Upton, and Wexham.