What are the top 5 schools in the UK?

What are the top 5 schools in the UK?

Best universities in the UK 2022

World University Rank 2022 UK Rank 2022 University
1 1 University of Oxford
=5 2 University of Cambridge
12 3 Imperial College London
=18 4 UCL

What is the smartest school in UK?

Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff
2017 The Daily Telegraph School Ranking

School A/A* or equivalent (%)
1 Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff 91.36
2 The Perse School, Cambridge 86.54
3 Westminster School, Westminster 86.38
4 King’s College School (KCS), Wimbledon 86.21

What is the poshest school in England?

5 most expensive boarding schools in the UK for 2021

  • Oxford International College. Only founded in 2002, students at this boarding school in the UK are taught by some of Oxford’s finest tutors.
  • Brighton College.
  • Queen Ethelburga’s College.
  • Concord College.
  • Cheltenham Ladies College.

What’s the worst University in the UK?

The University of Bedfordshire
The University of Bedfordshire has been ranked the worst in the UK by the Complete University Guide. In the 2022 rankings, Beds Uni was ranked 130th out of 130 UK universities – a drop by seven places from the previous year.

What is the top girls school in UK?

Best ranking schools for girls in England and Great Britain

  • Wycombe Abbey School = 85.7%
  • Benenden School = 73.1%
  • St. Mary’s School (Ascot) = 71.9%
  • Badminton School = 70.4%
  • St. Catherine’s School = 69.6%
  • Cheltenham College = 68.9%
  • St. Swithun’s School = 66.7% (boys are allowed in 3-7 years)
  • Headington School = 64.2%

What is the girl equivalent to Eton?

Cheltenham Ladies College
Eton is a well-known British independent boarding school for boys, however is there a school for girls that is equivalent to Eton? One of the many schools equivalent for Eton is Cheltenham Ladies College. Cheltenham Ladies College is a boarding school for girls aged 13 to 18 years. It was founded in February 1954.

What is the richest school in the UK?

Roedean School. A BOARDING school has been named among the most expensive in the UK. Roedean School, which overlooks the cliffs between Brighton and Saltdean, charges £47,040 boarding fees per year, or £15,680 each term, according to research by online toy shop PoundToy.

Which is the lowest rated school in London?

You can read the full breakdown of the guide’s report into King Henry School here. The Global Academy, based in The Old Vinyl Factory, on Record Walk, Hayes, is the lowest ranked school in London to be given a score by the Real Schools Guide – it is ranked 3,144 out of 3,181 schools in the country. It was given a total score of 24.3 out of 100.

Who is the strictest teacher in the UK?

At the Michaela community school in Brent, north London, the emphasis on discipline has earned it a formidable reputation, with the headteacher, Katharine Birbalsingh, touted as “Britain’s strictest teacher” by the Sunday Times.

How many schools are there in the UK?

Data based on A-Levels was also due to be released. In total, there are 3,297 state-funded mainstream schools and academies across England that are subject to the Government’s floor standard. In 2017, 365 education centres were found to have failed to meet the standard.

What happens in Britain’s worst school behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes at ‘Britain’s worst school’: Knives, drugs, violent attacks and such chaos 70% of teachers quit in two years. TOM RAWSTORNE investigates what’s gone wrong