What are the disadvantages of teenage motherhood?

What are the disadvantages of teenage motherhood?

Life as a young pregnant teen

  • low birth weight/premature birth.
  • anemia (low iron levels)
  • high blood pressure/pregnancy-induced hypertension, PIH (can lead to preeclampsia)
  • a higher rate of infant mortality (death)
  • possible greater risk of cephalopelvic disproportion* (the baby’s head is wider than the pelvic opening)

What are the challenges faced by teenage mother?

Results: Six main categories increasing burden of responsibility, experiencing physical problems, receiving insufficient support, inefficiency in maternal role, emotional and mental distress; and role conflict and 18 sub-categories were extracted from the data analysis.

What is the disadvantages of early parenthood?

The foremost concerns are the health complications. Babies born to mothers younger than 20-24, the most reproductively viable ages, have a 50 percent higher chance of dying during or after birth. They are more likely to be born premature or weigh little and have life-long health risks.

What are some of the negative effects of becoming a teenage parent?

In addition to higher rates of postpartum depression, teenage mothers have higher rates of depression. They also have higher rates of suicidal ideation than their peers who aren’t mothers. Teen mothers are more likely to experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than other teenage women, as well.

What disadvantages do teenage mothers face and why?

Adolescent mothers and their offspring are a high risk group broth physically and emotionally. Poverty, malnutrition, complications of pregnancy, emotional problems such as depression, drug and alcohol use, are all risks for the mother. Children are also at greater risk for physical, cognitive and emotional problems.

What are the disadvantages of being pregnant?

The following are some common maternal health conditions or problems a woman may experience during pregnancy—

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Mental Health Conditions.
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Obesity and Weight Gain.
  • Infections.

What are the consequences of teenage pregnancy to the teenage father?

The researchers found that babies born to teenage fathers had a 15 percent increased risk of premature birth, a 13 percent increased risk for low birth weight, and a 17 percent increased risk for being small for gestational age.

Why is being a teen parent difficult?

They are more likely to live in poverty. They are more likely to be single parents and lack the support of a co-parent. It puts parent(s) under physical and emotional stress as they care for the baby and themselves. It may strain family relationships.

What is the consequences of teenage pregnancy?

The social and health implications of teenage pregnancies include increased exposure to domestic violence (which may be exacerbated by the pregnancy), mental health disorders, substance use, sexually transmissible infections (STIs), financial stress and homelessness.

How does fatherhood affect a male teenager?

Young fathers are more likely to have economic and employment challenges and are more often economically disadvantaged than adult fathers. Teen fatherhood appears to be associated with negative consequences, both for the father and child, that are similar to those observed among teen mothers.

Are there disadvantages to being a teen parent?

While parenting as a teen is certainly problematic in many ways, even young parents who are in their early 20s can run into similar issues. Although parenting certainly can be rewarding, there are some definite disadvantages to being a young parent.

What are the challenges of being a parent?

When parents raise their children in nurturing, warm, sensitive, responsive and flexible ways, children grow and develop well. All parents navigate challenges as their children grow and develop. Many of these challenges are the same for teenage parents and older parents.

How does being a teen parent affect your education?

Becoming a young parent — especially a teen parent — may limit the level of education that a person attains. This eliminates the opportunity for a young parent who is a high school dropout to go to college or enroll in some form of higher education. Hanging out with friends just isn’t the same with a baby around.

What are the pros and cons of being a parent?

The awesome responsibility of taking care of a baby will help couples become more mature quickly. They will also become more sensitive to the need of others, and frequently become better people – parenthood usually brings out the nurturing quality inherent in all of us.