What are the advantages of line of code?

What are the advantages of line of code?


  • It is simple.
  • No low-frequency components are present.
  • Occupies low bandwidth than unipolar and polar NRZ schemes.
  • This technique is suitable for transmission over AC coupled lines, as signal drooping doesn’t occur here.
  • A single error detection capability is present in this.

What are the advantages of LOC in software engineering?

Advantages : Most used metric in cost estimation. Its alternates have many problems as compared to this metric. It is very easy in estimating the efforts.

Which of the following are advantages of using LOC?

Which of following are advantages of using LOC (lines of code) as a size-oriented metric? LOC is easily computed. LOC is a language independent measure. LOC can be computed before a design is completed.

What is the disadvantage of LOC?

Drawbacks of LOC It is defined on code. For example it cannot measure the size of specification.

What are advantages and disadvantages of PCM?

Advantages and disadvantages of pulse code modulation

  • It has a higher noise immunity.
  • It has a higher transmitter efficiency.
  • Easily multiplexed.
  • Efficient SCR as well as bandwidth trade-off.
  • Uniform transmission quality.
  • Low manufacturing cost.
  • Integrated digital circuit.
  • Ease add and drop.

Which line coding is best?

Differential encoding: In many cases if the leads from a device are accidentally inverted and connected all the ones and zeros may be inverted; for this differential encoding is the best solution. Because, it allows the polarity of a signal to be inverted with out affecting the data detection.

What are the advantages of function point metric over the lines of code?

Creation of more function points can define productivity goal as opposed to LOC. e. Productivity of projects written in different languages can be measured.

Is lines of code a good metric?

LOC – Lines of Code, usually referring to non-commentary lines, meaning pure whitespace and lines containing only comments are not included in the metric. The number of lines of program code is wonderful metric. It’s so easy to measure and almost impossible to interpret.

What are the advantages of FP over LOC metric?

Another advantage of function point metrics vis a vis LOC metrics is that function points can measure the productivity of non-coding tasks, such as creation of requirements and design documents. In fact, function points can measure all software activities, while LOC can only measure coding.

Why lines of code is a bad metric?

Most arguments call it a bad metric because it is not suited to directly measure productivity. That is a strange argument; it assumes the metric to be used in an insane way. With this reasoning, one could call the Kelvin a bad unit because it is unsuited to measure distance.

What are the main advantage of PCM?

Advantages of PCM: Encoding is possible in PCM. Very high noise immunity, i.e. better performance in the presence of noise. Convenient for long-distance communication.

What is the biggest disadvantage of PCM?

In PCM, the biggest disadvantage as compared to AM is

  • larger bandwidth.
  • larger noise.
  • inability to handle analog signals.
  • incompatibility with time division multiplex systems.

Are there any issues with lines of code counting?

So many issues with Lines of code counting.. My personal favorite definition of lines of code involves using logical lines meaning that the number of physical lines it takes to write a statement is irrelevant. That it is the logical statement that is important. Even there some people call my definition of logical lines physical lines. Go figure.

Which is the best way to measure line of code?

While it is debatable exactly how to measure lines of code, discrepancies of an order of magnitude can be clear indicators of software complexity or man-hours . There are two major types of SLOC measures: physical SLOC (LOC) and logical SLOC (LLOC).

Do you think lines of code can work?

Lines of Code: Can Work I hear some people say “Lines of code don’t work because people don’t know how to count them.” I certainly agree that if the definition of a line is not consistent sizing will suffer.

When to use function points and lines of code?

Bottom line: all three measures, lines, function points and use cases can be used for estimation. Definition is important. And the closer to the natural artifacts of development the approach is the more likely it is to be used.