What are the 7 cities in Nigeria?

What are the 7 cities in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian cities by population

  • Lagos, Lagos.
  • Kano, Kano.
  • Ibadan, Oyo.
  • Benin City, Edo.
  • Port Harcourt, Rivers.
  • Jos, Plateau.
  • Ilorin, Kwara.
  • Abuja, FCT.

How many states does Nigeria have?

36 states
Nigeria is a federal republic of 36 states and a federal capital territory, with a population of about 150 million. In 2007 Umaru Musa Yar’Adua of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was elected to a four-year term as president, along with Vice President Goodluck Jonathan, also of the PDP.

How many biggest city do we have in Nigeria?

This city counts nine million inhabitants, whereas the Nigerian city with the second largest population is Kano, in the North-West, with 3.6 million inhabitants….Largest cities in Nigeria in 2021 (in 1,000 individuals)

Characteristic Number of inhabitants in thousands
Lagos 9,000
Kano 3,626
Ibadan 3,565
Kaduna 1,582

What is the smallest city in Nigeria?

Asaba is the smallest city in Nigeria by population. Short information: Asaba is a city strategically located on a hill at the western edge of the Niger River, overlooking its sister city, Onitsha, across the Niger Bridge. It is the capital of Delta State Nigeria.

Who divided Nigeria into 12 states?

General Yakubu Gowon was head of state of Nigeria from August 1966 to July 1975. He reorganized the four regions into twelve states in May 1967. Following is a list of military governors during his regime.

What is the capital of Nigeria?


Abuja, city, capital of Nigeria. It lies in the central part of Nigeria, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT; created 1976). The city is approximately 300 miles (480 km) northeast of Lagos, the former capital (until 1991).

How many capital did Nigeria have?

All The 36 State And Capital In Nigeria and Their Slogan

List of 36 State and Capital In Nigeria State Capital
1 Abia State Umuahia
2 Adamawa State Yola
3 Akwa Ibom State Uyo
4 Anambra State Awka

Which state is the richest in Nigeria?

List of Top Ten Richest States in Nigeria

List of top ten richest states 2021
#1 Lagos State $29 billion
#2 Rivers State $19 billion
#3 Delta State $16 billion
#4 Oyo State $15 billion

Who is the largest city in Africa?

List of city proper in Africa by population

Rank City Population
1 Kinshasa 14,950,000
2 Lagos 14,862,000
3 Cairo 9,908,788
4 Giza 8,800,000

Which is the most beautiful city in Nigeria?

12 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

  1. Ibadan. Ibadan, also known as the ‘ancient city’ is the capital of Oyo State.
  2. Abuja. Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja, is one of the most developed and most beautiful cities in Nigeria.
  3. Jos.
  4. Calabar.
  5. Minna.
  6. Enugu.
  7. Port Harcourt.
  8. Uyo.

What was Nigeria called before 1960?

Nigeria was referred to as Colonial Nigeria during the era to be discussed in this write-up. Colonial Nigeria now became independent on 1960 and became a republic in 1963. The British prohibited slave trade in 1807 and that was the time Nigeria’s influence began to be noticed on global scale.

Which is the first state in Nigeria?

Deducing from the dates of creation of states in the country, Cross River, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Kwara and Rivers states respectively are the oldest states in Nigeria. These six states were all formed on the 27th of December, 1967.

What are the best cities in Nigeria?

Abuja, Lagos and Calabar are the most famous cities in Nigeria, but there are many other interesting and fabulous cities that don’t get much love from Nigerians because the popular ones have stolen all the glory and dominated everywhere. These underrated cities are liveable and exciting.

What is the most populated city in Nigeria?

Lagos has been the most populated city in Nigeria for a longtime, in 2006’s population census Lagos had 7,682,953 but now The population of Lagos according to the Lagos State Government was 17.5 million, a number disputed by the Nigerian Government and judged unreliable by the National Population Commission of Nigeria.

How many cities are in Nigeria?

Defined cities/towns Rank City State 2006 census Total area (km²) 1 Lagos Lagos 8,048,430 1,171.3 2 Kano Kano 2,828,861 449 3 Ibadan Oyo 2,559,853 3,080 4 Benin City Edo 1,147,188 1,204

What are the best places to visit in Nigeria?

Top 10 Places You Must Visit in Nigeria Before Death Knocks At Your Door! Places In Nigeria You Should Visit 1. Olumo Rock ( Ogun state ) 2. Obudu Mountain Resort (Cross River state) 3. Yankari National Park ( Bauchi state ) 4. Waterfall Arochukwu Town ( Abia state ) 5. Idanre Hills ( Ondo state ) 6. Chad Basin National Park ( Yobe / Borno states)