Is Stardoll appropriate?

Is Stardoll appropriate?

Parents need to know that Stardoll is a fashion-oriented site with some protections in place for users who are under 13. They automatically receive a “Kid Safe” membership, which gives them access to doll-related games and features plus other members’ profile albums.

Is Stardoll a safe website?

You will notice that most of the pages of Stardoll have the “Not Secure” label in the address bar. You do not need to worry about it. If you ever go to purchase SS or SD you will find those pages have the HTTPS encryption so it is safe to enter your card information.

Is Stardoll payment safe?

We are always working hard to improve the safety and security at We continuously moderate the site and have several filters in place to avoid name-calling and bad language. Stardoll is automatically moderated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How old do you have to be to play Stardoll?

Who can play on Stardoll? Stardoll appeals to a wide range of fashion-loving members, but our core community consists mostly of girls from the ages of 13 and upwards.

Can you cancel superstar on Stardoll?

To cancel a monthly payment please click here and click the “Cancel monthly refill” link in the “You are a Superstar” box.

Does Stardoll delete inactive accounts?

Does Stardoll delete inactive accounts? If your account has been deleted for being inactive for a long time or for breaking the rules, it will not be possible to reactivate it.

How do I cancel my Stardoll membership?

How do I cancel my Stardoll subscription?

How can I get my old Stardoll account back?

If your account is blocked for inactivity or if you deactivated it yourself, all you need to do is click on the “Activate account” button that will show up when you try to log in using your existing password.

Does Stardoll give your computer viruses?

Does Stardoll give your computer viruses? Well, as the title of this post suggests, yes, there has been rumors of viruses lurking around Stardoll. Nonetheless, if you see ANY suspicious links around Stardoll from users, messages, or anything, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. Even if it reads, “Free SS!” Or “FREE SD AND SC.”

How do you email on Stardoll?

If you experience a technical issue that you would like to show us visually through an image of your computer, you can take a screenshot and send it to [email protected] – don’t forget to explain the problem and include your username in your message.

Who created Stardoll?

In 2005, Stardoll was launched as a browser game under the guidance of CEO Mattias Miksche. The game was incredibly successful and served as a starting place for some of Sweden’s top tech industry performers, such as Spotify founder Daniel Ek and Lifesum co-founder Marcus Gners and Henrik Torstensson.

Do you think Stardoll is a good game?

Stardoll is great it does include money but there is no gambling sexual content or violence some stores have skimpy clothes showing parts of the breasts but that is all so I rate it ages 10+ for both males and females. It’s a great game This review… There are online games similar to this one and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

How many ways to dress up in Stardoll?

PICK YOUR STARDOLL! You can customize your stardoll at any time. There are over a billion ways to dress up! Username (3-15 chars) Choose wisely! Don’t reveal your full name. Username taken. How about one of these? GO PLAY! ALL THE LATEST FASHION!

There are online games similar to this one and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Stardoll works for kids as young as 7, but as a parent you need to remember to supervise. That is common sense and goes with any online games your child would play. The rule enforcement s

Can you play Stardoll on an Android tablet?

Bring the fun with you and play Stardoll on your iPad or Android tablet. Play more mobile games from Stardoll!