How old is Mandoza?

38 years (1978–2016)
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Is Mandoza a Zulu?

Mandoza sang in several of South Africa’s many languages, including English, Afrikaans, Zulu, and Xhosa, giving him wide appeal with South African listeners. Mandoza died September 18, 2016.

Where is Mandoza from?

Zola, Soweto, South Africa
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Is Mandoza alive?

Deceased (1978–2016)
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Who is Mandoza wife?

Mpho Tshabalalam. 2002–2016

Why did Mandoza go to jail?

When he was sixteen years old he was charged with stealing a car and received a one-and-a-half-year sentence, which he served in Diepkloof Prison.

Was Mandoza blind before he died?

Mandoza died on Sunday afternoon just days after his family issued a statement confirming that doctors had detected a tumour in his brain. He had gone completely blind in the last few weeks before his death.

What happened to Mandoza?

Death. Mandoza died on 18 September 2016. According to his family, he was being treated for pharyngeal cancer prior to his death and had lost his eyesight.

What killed Mandoza Tshabalala?

Tributes are pouring in from across South Africa for kwaito musician Mduduzi “Mandoza” Tshabalala who died after a year-long battle with cancer. Mandoza, 38, took to the stage in recent weeks at a concert at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, despite having lost his sight due to illness.

How old was Mandoza when he died?

Mandoza (Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala, January 19, 1978 – September 18, 2016) was a South African kwaito musician.

Who is known as Mandoza in South Africa?

Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala (17 January 1978 – 18 September 2016), also known as Mandoza, was a South African kwaito recording artist.

Who was the first person to play Mandoza?

Mandoza was first played on air by DJ Sipho Mbatha, known as Sgqemeza, of Durban Youth Radio and then of Ukhozi FM. Mandoza strived to give an inspirational message to Kwaito. He used his music as a way to encourage young South Africans to achieve their goals.

When did Mandoza release his first solo album?

His first solo effort, “9II5 Zola South”, became 1999’s top-seller, and he was nominated as “Best Newcomer” at the 2000 South African Music Awards (SAMA’s). The following year’s “Nkalakatha” album title track was a hugely successful hit with black as well as white listeners, earning him the “Song Of The Year” award at the 2001 SAMA’s.