How much does a GMC Savana van weigh?

How much does a GMC Savana van weigh?

Curb weight (lb / kg): 5331 / 2418 (135-in.) 5565 / 2524 (155-in.) 5458 / 2476 (135-in.)…Overview.

Models: GMC Savana 2500 Series & 3500 Series cargo van; 135-inch wheelbase and 155-inch wheelbase
EPA vehicle class: full-size van

What engine does a 1999 GMC Savana have?

4.3 L V6
5.0 L V85.7 L V86.5 L V8 diesel7.4 L V8
1999 GMC Savana/Engine

Does GMC Savana come in AWD?

The 1500 short wheelbase Savana is available with all-wheel drive. The 1500 is powered by GM’s 5.3L GEN-IV Vortec V8 gas engine, which makes 310 horsepower and 334 pound-feet of torque, now comes standard with flex-fuel capability. On the 2500 and 3500, the 323-horsepower 6.0L V8 is standard.

How much does a 2018 GMC Savana weigh?

5,225 to 6,408 lbs
2018 GMC Savana/Curb weight

Are GMC Savana reliable?

The GMC Savana 1500 Reliability Rating is 3.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 4th out of 21 for commercial vans. The average annual repair cost is $960 which means it has poor ownership costs.

What kind of gas does a GMC Savana take?

According to GMC, the Savana needs regular unleaded gas. Consumers can put in premium fuel if they choose to do so; however, the regular unleaded works fine. This goes for all GMC Savana years, trims, and engines.

How many miles will a GMC Savana last?

The GMC Savana can last for 250,000 to 300,000 miles and possibly more if you take maintenance as seriously. If you drive 15,000 miles per year like the average American driver, that would mean the van can last anywhere from 17 to 20 years.

Is the GMC Savana 4 wheel drive?

The 1500 short wheelbase Savana is available with all-wheel drive. Eight-passenger seating, with three rows and front bucket seats, is standard with the shorter wheelbase, while the longer-wheelbase 3500 version is outfitted for 12-passenger seating.

How many gallons does a GMC Savana hold?

Compare Side-by-Side

2017 GMC Savana 2500 2WD (Passenger)
Annual Fuel Cost* $3,750
Cost to Drive 25 Miles $6.29
Cost to Fill the Tank $101
Tank Size 31.0 gallons

Is GMC Savana AWD?

Is GMC Savana reliable?

What is high mileage for a van?

Today’s modern vans are engineered to last – and 100,000 miles showing on the clock is commonplace. There’s even stories of Transits reaching 200,000 and beyond – but if you are considering spending your hard-earned cash purchasing a ‘High Miler’, it can be a case of ‘buyer beware’.