How much did Manu pay for Berbatov?

How much did Manu pay for Berbatov?

Berbatov moved to Manchester United on 1 September 2008, costing the club £30.75 million and signing a four-year contract.

Why was Berbatov left out?

“It was not pleasant, it was not good for me because as I was the leading goalscorer of my team and the league and I was so confident. “When you’re scoring goals you feel that you can shoot from anywhere and score, so to be left out, it didn’t feel right.

What age is Berbatov?

40 years (30 January 1981)
Dimitar Berbatov/Age

How many goals did Berbatov scored for Man Utd?

Dimitar BERBATOV – Manchester United – Premiership Appearances for Man Utd. Club Career: 82 League apps. (+46 as sub) 48 goals.

Where is Berbatov now?

SFC Etar Veliko Tarnovoassistant
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Where is Dimitar from?

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
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Where is Dimitar Berbatov now?

What did Dimitar Berbatov win?

Dimitar Berbatov

Titles and season
1x Bulgarian cup winner
98/99 CSKA Sofia
3x English Super Cup winner
2012 Manchester United

Did Berbatov win Golden Boot?

Shearer, Hasselbaink and Van Persie are the only players to win the Golden Boot with two clubs. The latter season marked the last time the Golden Boot was shared until 2010–11, when Dimitar Berbatov and Carlos Tevez both scored 20 goals that season to tie for the award.

What team does Berbatov support?

What does Mitko mean?

Containing the Proto Indo-European language mater “mother”, it is rooted in the Greek goddess Earth mother Demeter. The most common short for Dimitar in Bulgaria is Mitko, while people with the name Dimitar are informally called also Mite, Mito, Dimo, Dimcho, Dimko, Dimka.

What teams did Berbatov play for?