How many hours of sunlight does Stockholm get?

How many hours of sunlight does Stockholm get?

54 hours
Stockholm, which normally gets 54 hours of sunlight, scraped together 28.

How many hours of sunlight does Sweden get?

Sweden is a country with big differences in daylight. In the far north, the sun does not set at all in June and there is darkness around the clock in January. However, in January in Stockholm the sun rises at 8:47 am and sets at 2:55 pm, while in July the sun rises at 3:40 am and sets 10:00 pm.

Does Sweden have 24 hours sunlight?

Midnight Sun in Sweden. The Midnight Sun is visible around 24 hours a day above the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden. It is a fantastic experience to watch the sun in the middle of the night, and this is possible in the northern part of Sweden.

How many hours of daylight does Sweden get in the summer?

Abisko, Sweden During summer months, the sun bathes the town in up to 24 hours of sunlight per day.

Can you see the midnight sun in Stockholm?

The midnight sun or polar day can only be seen above the polar circle. Around the 21st of June, even as south as Stockholm it never really gets completely dark at night, but here you can’t see the midnight sun.

Does it get dark in Sweden in summer?

You can be out on a boat or playing golf hours past dinnertime and since it never gets totally dark in the summer, it seems the city ghost tours would be more surreal than spooky. …

Is Sweden always cloudy?

In general, summers in the Stockholm area have similar temperatures to the south of England, but more days of sunshine. Out among the 24,000 islands of the Stockholm archipelago, it is commonly clear and sunny even when it may be cloudy just a few miles away in the heart of the capital.

Does Sweden have a tick problem?

Ticks can be found all over Sweden in forests, meadows, and long grass, meaning the biggest risk is when you’re out in nature – especially hiking, camping, or berry-picking – but they can also be found in city parks in affected areas.

Which country has no sunlight?

Located more than 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø, Norway, is home to extreme light variation between seasons. During the Polar Night, which lasts from November to January, the sun doesn’t rise at all.

Does Sweden get midnight sun?

Bask in the glow of the Midnight Sun Because during this magical time of year, the sun shines 24 hours a day across northern Sweden. To see the sun when the clock strikes twelve, you’ll need to make your way north – the further north, the better.

What country has 24 hour daylight?

76 days of midnight sun between May and July greets travelers in Northern Norway. The further north you go, the more nights of midnight sun you get. During the summer months, you can experience up to 24 hours of sunlight above the Arctic Circle, which means more time to enjoy the sights and make new discoveries.

What are the daylight hours in Stockholm Sweden?

Sunshine & Daylight Hours in Stockholm, Sweden. On balance hours of sunlight in Stockholm range between 0:50 for each day in December and 10:36 daily in June.

What’s the longest day and shortest day in Stockholm?

Sunshine & Daylight Hours in Stockholm, Sweden. On balance hours of sunlight in Stockholm range between 0:50 for each day in December and 10:36 daily in June. The longest day of the year is 18:16 long and the shortest day is 5:43 long. The longest day is 12:32 longer than the shortest day.

When is the equinox in Stockholm, Sweden?

September Equinox (Autumnal Equinox) is on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 9:21 pm in Stockholm. Why is the day and night not exactly 12 hours on Equinox?