How long is flight from Bangalore to Delhi?

How long is flight from Bangalore to Delhi?

Flight time from Bangalore, India to New Delhi is 2 hours 25 minutes. Distance from Bangalore to New Delhi is approximately 1700 kilometers.

Is flight running from Bangalore to Delhi?

The table given below shows the frequency and Timing of Bangalore Delhi Flights….Bangalore Delhi Flights & Flight Schedule – Flights to Delhi from Bangalore.

Airline Details & Days Departure (Bangalore) Arrival (Delhi)
Flight No: S2 4232 Jet Airways Konnect Flight SM-WTFS 7:45 am 10:30 am

Is Delhi airport open now?

The scheduled domestic & cargo flights are operating normally. It is important that all passengers must check the latest COVID-19 protocol & visa norms from the concerned airline or embassy before commencing their journey. Each state has issued specific guidelines for the Covid-19 protocol.

How much is the train fare from Bangalore to Delhi?

Bengaluru to Delhi train fare is Rs. 5550 in First AC, Rs. 515 in None, Rs. 2240 in Third AC, Rs.

How far is Bangalore from Delhi by flight?

Information of New Delhi Bangalore Flight

Aerial distance 1707 KM
Shortest Time of flights from New Delhi to Bangalore 02h 35m
Airport codes flights from New Delhi to Bangalore New Delhi-DEL,Bangalore-BLR
Time of New Delhi to Bangalore flights 02h 55m

Can you shower at Delhi airport?

1. Re: Possible to take a shower at Delhi Airport? The Spa and Shower Lounge is located at Domestic arrivals near Gate 1 of Plaza premium Lounge.

How busy is Delhi airport?

As of now, it is the 17th busiest airport in the world and 6th busiest airport in Asia by passenger traffic handling nearly 70 million passengers. It is the world’s busiest airport for Airbus A320 aircraft.

How many hours is train journey from Bangalore to Delhi?

The average time taken to connect these cities is 39:14 hours. There are 7 weekly trains and 2 daily trains that run from Bangalore to Delhi , covering the shortest distance of about 1739 km by DURONTO EXPRESS(12213).

Which trains are running from Bangalore to Delhi?

Other Bangalore to Delhi Trains

  • DURONTO EXPRESS #12213. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
  • RAJDHANI EXP #22691. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
  • SAMPARK KRANTI #12649. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
  • KARNATAKA EXP #12627. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
  • KONGU EXPRESS #12647. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
  • SAMPARK KRANTI #12629. Departs on:SMTWTFS.
  • YPR SKRANTIEXP #22685. Departs on:SMTWTFS.

How many days does it take to reach Delhi from Bangalore by train?

Delhi to Bangalore Train Route Delhi to Bangalore by train is one of the longest journeys you will ever take as the minimum distance covered by train is 2279 km. It takes a minimum of 32 hours i.e. almost two days by Duronto Express to reach Bangalore from Delhi.

Can I stay overnight in Delhi airport?

Arriving Passengers are allowed to access the Airport Transit Sleeping Pods – at MLCP building and also departing passengers are allowed to access the Sleeping Pods up to 72 hours prior to their next connecting flights. This facility can be booked by all passengers arriving at Terminal 3, Terminal 2 and Terminal 1.

Is food free in airport lounges?

As a general rule of thumb, most things in an airline lounge are complimentary. At U.S. lounges most food and drinks are complimentary, with the exception of premium alcohol and the meals for purchase. In international business and first class class lounges, all food and drinks should be free.