How does Cue for Treason end?

How does Cue for Treason end?

In the last paragraph, Peter finishes writing the story and we learn that he and Kit are now married with sons and are living in a lakeside house in Cumberland which is Kit’s inherited estate.

What is the conflict in cue for treason?

The most important conflict of this type in ‘Cue for Treason’ is girl actors not being accepted by society on stage. This is important because Kit has to fight against society in order to be an actor.

How is Peter courageous in cue for treason?

Peter is independent, rational and courageous. He knows how to take care of himself, instead of relying on his parents. Moreover Peter handles matters rationality as he will not base his decisions on his own…show more content…

What happened to Tom Boyd in cue for treason?

Tom Boyd is the ultimate hero in Cue For Treason. Tom is a member of the Queen’s secret service and is sent to spy on Sir Phillip’s peel tower with Kit and Peter. Tom made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep his Queen and his friends safe, this makes Tom Cue For Treason’s most heroic character.

Who is telling the story in cue for treason?

John Somers was hiding back stage waiting for his cue but the cue was never heard. He was taken away by the guards and Peter and Kit were relieved. Ch 25 Kit was given a dress to wear. She and Peter were taken to the Queen to tell their story.

Who is the antagonist in cue for treason?

The worst villain in Cue for Treason is Sir Phillip Morton, because he is the antagonist in the story, and he turns Peter’s and Kit’s lives into a mess.

What is the theme of cue for treason?

The themes in Cue For Treason are: “It is important to help others despite risk to yourself”, “Bravery, noble ideas and heroism inspire us and raises our spirits, and “Good will always triumph in the end”.

What are the summaries of cue for treason?

Cue for Treason Chapter Summaries Ch 1 The farmers have gathered in the middle of the night to destroy Sir Philip’s wall. Sir Philip and his men come along and Peter throws a rock at Sir Philip. One of his men fires and shoots the hat off Peter.

Who are kit and Peter in cue for treason Chapter 9?

In chapter 9 Will Shakespeare takes kit and Peter on his own matters and gets them a job to play Romeo and Juliet for Mr. Burbage. But when it comes time for the play Kit sees Sir Phillip Morton there and cant perform anymore. Peter is told to play Kit’s understudy and see’s Sir Phillip Morton in the audience as well.

What happens to John Somers in cue for treason?

Sir Philip is fooled by the group’s acting and he and his followers are then taken into custody by Desmond’s men. Kit and Peter make a desperate dash back to London, and John Somers is captured by guards moments before he can shoot the Queen. Kit and Peter meet the Queen and tell her their adventures.

Who is the Yellow Gentleman in cue for treason?

The Yellow Gentleman (Sir David Vicars) – Playhouse pirate and part of the plot to kill the Queen. Cue for Treason was not Trease’s first novel, as he had already written a few other children’s novels, notably Bows Against the Barons and Comrades for the Charter, where he showed a strong streak of political radicalism.